Jack McKenna

Tamanique, El Salvador
Unified Mindfulness Coach

Jack is a dedicated meditation teacher, a queer and transgender person with a rich and diverse journey in the world of mindfulness and meditation. His passion for meditation began in his 20s as he sought to understand the intricacies of his experience. Over the years, Jack explored various spiritual traditions and communities, eventually finding his way to the Sakya lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.


Despite facing challenges from chronic illnesses, Jack has continued to pursue his passion for meditation. His journey has led him to integrate supportive therapies such as movement, talk, somatic and sunlight therapy into his life.


In recent years, Jack has embraced Shinzen Young’s Unified Mindfulness system, which has been transformative for his personal practice. This approach brings a sense of playfulness and excitement to his meditation, and he is enthusiastic about sharing these teachings with others.



As a queer individual, Jack brings a unique perspective and understanding to his teaching. His student-centred teaching style focuses on helping students cultivate concentration, clarity, and equanimity while supporting them on their own unique paths. His commitment to ongoing learning and growth as a meditation teacher is evident through his recent accreditation in Mental Health First Aid, training in Motivational Interviewing, and completion of the Mindfulness Mentor Training Program at Cloud Sangha.


Jack invites you to be curious about your experience and explore the transformative power of meditation and the insights it offers. He looks forward to guiding you through your meditation journey and helping you find joy and fulfilment.