Haritha Vasthi Kandalla

Hyderabad, India

Unified Mindfulness L2 Coach
Leadership and Mindfulness Coach

A Masters in Quantum Chemistry, an MBA and almost 14 years in various Human Resources roles in the industry taught me that the work that made me come alive, the work that connected deeply to my value system was Coaching, where I got an opportunity to make a difference to people each time I interacted with them.


I believe that if I have to be an impactful coach, I have to keep self-inquiry always alive in my life so I speak from my life experience and not just from theory. Many years of this inquiry led to incorporating Mindfulness in my life and work as well. The more I work with people, I see a common thread of stress, lack of self-esteem, inability to truly enjoy a happy moment and the more senior a person is, the stronger this thread. I realised that this seemed to come from a discomfort with staying in the present moment and constant preoccupation with what was and what could be.


I was in the same boat myself, a mother of two children, with family and household responsibilities and a career that had taken a turn from certain income to very uncertain. UM and all the methods allowed me to become aware of what was happening within me, to be at peace with the parenting challenges that having a teenager and a pre-teen bring, and to be incredibly productive at work. It has also given me the biggest gift or all – a reconnection with who I truly am and I now fond myself going back to my connection with Advaita Vedanta.


As I work with my coaches, UM allows me to give them ways to cope with stress, to become aware of their deepest beliefs, to question ways of being that have outlived their utility in their lives, and ultimately transform their lives, living with choice and awareness. Being able to make a difference to others is my chosen Dharma for this life, and I am tremendously grateful for the daily opportunity I get to live my Dharma.