Giulia Gualdi, Ph.D.

Principality of Monaco
Unified Mindfulness L2 Coach

Few years ago I was a researcher in theoretical physics. I never really considered it as a job, but rather as a necessity, the only thing I could possibly do in my life. It was something that brought together my artistic side, my desire for intellectual challenge, my hope of helping change the world, my appreciation of logic, and also matched well my natural introversion. I identified myself with being a physicist, which caused me suffering.


Physics was at the same time my chain and my freedom.


However, as it often happens, life delivers opportunities in disguise. At one point, my next challenge was not securing the nth funding for the nth postdoc, proving a theorem, or producing a publishable result. It was to embrace radical change in my life: I got married, got pregnant, had a baby, changed country (again) twice, and had to reinvent my career. All within the span of a year.

It was during this time of profound change that I discovered Ashtanga Yoga. I believe my yoga practice was the only thing that kept me on track and allowed me to let go of my old identity while being positive rather than resentful towards the future. I felt my practice has been my steering wheel, my safe haven, my white rabbit. Once I started practicing I got on fire and never stopped. Eventually, I established a committed seated meditation practice, which before was sort of unthinkable for me.

I now feel more free than before, because I feel better in my body, I feel I need less than what I thought I did, I am more aware of my mental patterns, and I not longer need to append my identity or sense of self-worth to something. I believe my yoga and contemplative practices were instrumental in this journey, which is why I now feel enthusiast to share what I have learned on the way.