Elinor Rose Galbraith

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Unified Mindfulness L2 Coach

Boundary Research for the Alternative Life

My English teacher taught me to meditate in 1969, and I was initiated formally in 1973. Since then, I have worked in Theatre, Art, Music, and Film, with the great fortune of working in all those mediums professionally. I credit my ability over the years to remain calm, creative, and professional directly to my meditation practice.

Learning to listen and untangle those diverse strands within a room, a project, or a person, and then to nurse those inchoate notions and ideas, bring them to fruition… on time, on budget, and on schedule. To be able to work as hard as a man, and to be the first woman in the world to do my job in film, I meditated.

First with TM, then with a TCM practice of Tai Chi Juan (for defense) learning to meditate thru movement. In 1993 I took my vows as a Soror with the Rosicrucians, the only western mystery school that would let a woman become a member at that time. Continuing to work too much in a difficult industry, in 2015 I was retired by my body saying NO, and I was diagnosed with MS.

In 2017 I started exploring the idea of a formal practice within UM. Training to be a coach in 2019 and graduating in 2020, while simultaneously studying Creative Writing at the University of Toronto, which I will be graduating from this year.

Emerging from this intense period of personal transition, and our collective post-pandemic reality, I hope to share what I have learnt from my life-long adventures in meditation, creativity under pressure, and living your best life with a chronic disease. Colouring outside the lines of convention.