Eileen Knott

West Fulton NY, USA
Unified Mindfulness Coach

I live in the hills of upstate New York, surrounded by tens of thousands of acres state forest and am deeply connected with the natural world that encompasses the small town of West Fulton.  
A spontaneous awakening experience in my late 40’s opened a gateway of change that was life altering. Having had some experience with mindful practice through the Self- Realization Fellowship and a boring factory job out of necessity, the deepening of my practice truly began with continued sessions from a very gifted healer who possesses both Native American doctoring abilities and skillsets in the Chinese healing arts of Xin Yi Quan and Baguazha. The middle part of these 3 hour sessions are devoted to a deep dive into embodied presence practices. This healer actually invited me to watch Shinzen on You Tube which was how I was introduced to Unified Mindfulness in 2019 and am currently an L2 Coach.

A fan of intense practices which includes hundreds of hours of retreat time with UM,  vision questing twice a year, going 4 days and nights without food and water in the wilderness, attending Inipi ceremonies regularly and cold dips in the stream all winter long.  I offer continual silent meditation sits and a woman’s healing circle which focuses on “feel in.”   

I currently work for a non-profit as a HUD certified housing and financial counselor where I help clients maintain equanimity through the process of receiving state and federal grants for home repair.