Cynthia Lunine

Ithaca, NY, USA
Unified Mindfulness Coach

Eclecticism is, perhaps, a gateway word into Cynthia’s background.

From multiple careers (banking to building airplanes; bill collecting to quality engineering), to multiple practices both within and without organized religion–and an intense curiosity that has led to multiple volunteer pursuits, she enjoys diving in to physical explorations of life and inquiry into human meaning and values. Beauty and handcraftsmanship inform spiritual pursuits that include an aspiration to support continued access to enlightened structures and rituals of worship as well as participate in the refinement, synthesis, evolution, and application of nondual spiritual practices.

She volunteers, currently, as a Trustee of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Ithaca, NY, companion at Hospicare hospice, singer in local choral and performing groups, creator of liturgical and theater designs, and Unified Mindfulness Level 2 Coach–offering classes and one-on-one coaching to individuals from diverse ages and backgrounds.

Contact Cynthia here:  clunine [at]