Charles Fawcett

Richmond, VA
Unified Mindfulness Coach
Licensed Professional Counselor

I’m a Level II Unified Mindfulness coach and Licensed Professional Counselor who resides in Richmond, VA. I work in community mental health as the director of a regional counseling center where I also provide outpatient counseling, crisis work, and supervision. It wasn’t until I found Shinzen’s Unified Mindfulness system that it all began to click for me after trying meditation on and off for years. Around the same time, I also found yoga as another tool to help quiet the mind and increase attention.

In my counseling practice, I began to see my client’s problems differently as my mindfulness practice deepened. It began to alter the techniques I use and how I use them. It created a shift from focusing on the symptoms to focusing on the deeper root of the problem. By learning to be fully present and let go of our attachments, I realized that we can reduce suffering and increase happiness and joy.