Bonnie Colby, Ph.D.

Tucson, Arizona, US
Unified Mindfulness Coach
PhD, Meditation Teacher and Retreat Guide

Dr. Bonnie Colby became intrigued with the nervous system through observing effects on group problem solving over decades of work on cross-cultural water and environmental conflicts. Dr. Colby focuses on the neuroeconomics* of collaborative problem-solving processes. Colby has provided invited testimony to indigenous councils, courts and the U.S. Congress. She has authored dozens of journal articles, seven books and taught at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Dr. Colby participates in research exploring effects of meditation and other nervous system interventions on personal and social well-being.

Bonnie has taught meditation classes and guided workshops, retreats and small groups for over 20 years — for University of Arizona Campus Health, College of Medicine and Honors College, Institute of Applied Meditation, Tucson Community Meditation Center, professional conferences and the broader public. She emphasizes “on-the-spot practices” to use right in the midst of challenges; to mitigate stress, balance our nervous system and deepen our appreciation of life’s varied experiences.

Dr. Colby focuses on sensory awareness practices that assist in nervous system regulation and has a background in Continuum restorative movement. She is certified in Dr. Stephen Porge’s Safe & Sound Protocol and active in learning and teaching real-time practices to address stress. Bonnie is a trauma-informed meditation teacher, with extensive training from the Institute of Applied Meditation, Unified Mindfulness and other organizations. She lives in Tucson with her husband Ted. 

*Neuroeconomics studies human choices and processing of multiple alternatives, incorporating neuroscientific discoveries to guide models of individual and collective behavior and design of collaborative problem-solving processes.