Anyez Klevecz

Newbury Park,CA,USA
Unified Mindfulness Coach

Anyez Klevecz is a mindfulness coach and yoga teacher. She grew up in Switzerland and spent her childhood exploring the countryside and thus nature became her first mindfulness teacher. She was excited to bring nature into her classroom as an elementary school teacher as well as mindful movement exercises to support the students in their development. As a young adult her interest in the healing arts and spiritual sciences grew stronger. She became a student of Native American spiritual practices, attending trainings in the backcountry of Switzerland and danced at the Sun Dance in France.

In her early thirties she moved to California to learn english and started regularly practicing yoga. During her yoga teacher training she was introduced to different meditations. For many years she struggled with a regular meditation practice until she was introduced to Unified Mindfulness. Since then she has become a dedicated student and regular practitioner of mindfulness.

Anyez enjoys connecting and interacting with others on a deep level. She combines mindfulness and yoga, guiding students toward embodying wholeness and experiencing a deeper level of being. Thus, bringing more awareness to the subtle body anatomy.

She teaches mindfulness group classes, works one-on-one, and finds the techniques of the UM system an effective approach to teach people mindfulness and help them “increase happiness and reduce suffering”. She brings an open heart, an open mind, and non-judgmental awareness towards everyone that enters her life, focusing on creating a space where people feel included and welcome.

In her free time she enjoys the outdoors, hiking with her dog, camping with her husband and 2 boys, loves traveling back home to Switzerland, and finds downtime creatively in arts and crafts. She has been teaching yoga for over a decade and is a certified Unified Mindfulness Level 2 Coach.