Alex Moody

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Unified Mindfulness Coach

Hi, I’m Alex! Just a meditator with a day job. My interests include literature, dancing, music, psychedelia, zines, and queer liberation. I have a Master’s degree in Russian lit and spent 2 years living in Russia. Though I hail from Scranton, Pennsylvania, and spent a few years on an American commune, I’m now based in sunny Edmonton, Alberta, working as an apprentice electrician.

I have studied and practiced in various secular and Buddhist traditions:


       • Following the breath with The Mind Illuminated,

       • Dropping the ball with Michael Taft,

         • Noting with Shinzen Young’s Unified Mindfulness System, in
           which I went on to become a certified teacher of their
           dozens of techniques

         • Shikantaza for a year in residency at Zen Mountain
            Monastery in New York

         • Mahamudra and dzogchen practices in the Vajrayana
            Buddhist traditions

         •… as well as other practices involving movement, love, and


In my mindfulness teacher training, I emphasize client-centredness, meaning whatever tradition you practice in, whether religious or secular, I can meet your interests and inclinations and help you train your mind.