Adam Coutts

Orinda, CA, USA
Unified Mindfulness Coach

Adam began teaching meditation in 2002, and has since taught through weekly sitting groups, eight-week classes, one-on-one coaching clients, webinars and live trainings in corporations, jails, and schools, phone trainings, YouTube videos, massive events at Burning Man, and in in-depth blog posts. He has lead focused classes on topics such as Mindfulness Meditation for ADHD/ADD, Building A Steady Sitting Practice, The Spirituality of Death, Mindfulness While Driving a Car, Meditation for Insomnia and Better Sleep, Mindful Interpersonal Presence, Mindfulness for the Office Workday, Meditation on Sound/Hear Out, and Mindful Grief.

Adam’s teaching is informed by Zen and Theravada Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, Western psychology and philosophy, and his years as a participant and teacher in “authentic relating” communities. His teaching is marked by humor, relatable references to some of the more personal sides of being human, and quick insight into the deeper meaning of student’s questions.

Adam has meditated daily since 1989, ever since first encountering some audio recordings of Shinzen Young’s teachings and finding them electrifyingly compelling. He has sat retreats with Shinzen since 1998, and has sat about eighty seven-to-ten-day intensive meditation retreats with various spiritual/religious lineages. He has lived in monasteries in the USA, India, Japan, and Thailand.

Adam loves to meditate, and he loves sharing with others the blessings that he has found through meditation; spaciousness, centeredness, self-awareness, meaning, clarity, vitality, and dignity.

Adam considers it an honor and a pleasure to relate to people through meditation teaching. Some of his greatest joys in life are hearing from students reports like that they have started a regular sitting practice, improved relationships or work productivity, quit addictions, and/or are happier than ever.

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