Tanya Mahar

Tanya Mahar

Bancroft, Ontario, Canada
Unified Mindfulness L2 Coach

Tanya had been working for the Attorney General in Toronto for 15 years when her life took a 180 degree turn in 2006 that landed her in a small town and a completely new vocation. Currently living in Bancroft, Ontario with her son, she operates the not-for-profit Awaken the World Initiative with her partner Daniel Schmidt. As co-creator of the Samadhi film series, she also assists with the writing, editing and producing of this and other ATW projects, which are always made available worldwide for free. She and Daniel also founded the Samadhi Center in Bancroft where they co-facilitate meditation retreats.


Having explored the mindfulness meditation and self inquiry methods of a variety of teachers since the late 90’s, Tanya came across Shinzen Young’s teachings in 2016 and was immediately hooked by their clarity and effectiveness, becoming a certified L2 coach in his Unified Mindfulness system in 2018.


She’s been teaching meditation to practitioners of all ages since 2010 in a variety of spaces, including public schools, a women’s resource center, community doctor’s office, in on-line spaces and as co-facilitator at the Samadhi Center.