Soryu Forall

Soryu Forall is an American-born meditation teacher dedicated to serving all living beings. He teaches that this path is the mutually supportive relationship between Awakening (the insights gained from practice) and Responsibility (effective action to help the world), the positive feedback loop between Correct Perception and Correct Behavior. He works to use mindfulness, leadership, and exponential growth to save life as we know it from human greed.

He has done intensive contemplative practice for over two decades, largely under the Zen Master Shodo Harada in Japan. As the founder and head teacher at the Center for Mindful Learning (CML), a non-profit organization devoted to spreading contemplative culture, Soryu offers secular teachings informed by Zen Buddhism, Ambedkar Buddhism, and Unified Mindfulness. He also has a degree in Economics and Environmental Science from Williams College.

Soryu created Modern Mindfulness – an interactive, online mindfulness program that is proven to increase student engagement and decrease teacher stress, transforming school culture. He is also the Head Teacher at the Monastic Academy, or MAPLE (Monastic Academy for the Preservation of Life on Earth), a residential training program which develops leaders who embody wisdom, power, and love for all living things. It is an intensive program for those willing to stop changing others in ways they have not changed themselves, those willing to lose every belief that isn’t true, those willing to let go of everything that is causing suffering, those willing to awaken for the benefit of the world.