Take A Deep-Dive Into U.M.'s Signature Technique With Shinzen Young & Julianna Raye to Gain Mastery Of Your Meditation Practice
Learn UM's Signature Mindfulness Technique to Turn Anything Into An Object of Focus, So You Can Meditate Anywhere, in Any Situation
What started you on your mindfulness journey?

Did you want to feel better somehow?

You may have been struggling with emotions, or wanting to be more present for your kids or partner.  

Maybe you wanted to be more productive at work, or you were dealing with physical pain and needed relief from the suffering.  Maybe you were searching for deeper meaning and purpose in your life.

Or maybe you were just curious, wondering what the deal is with this thing you've been hearing so much about.

So you took the plunge.

And it doesn't matter if you've been meditating for 30 years or if you're just getting started, somehow you found your way here, in this moment.

We're glad you made it :-)

Hopefully you've gone through our free CORE training, so you've gotten a taste of what the UM system has to offer.  

We hear from people every single day about how the CORE just made things "click" for them. 

Lots of "aha" moments.

And we get that from people all across the mindfulness spectrum: from people who've been attending Shinzen's retreats for decades, all the way to people brand new to meditation.

And the CORE Training is just a brief intro to this life-changing practice. What I'm going to share with you here is at the heart of the entire Unified Mindfulness system.

So if the CORE hit home for you, you're going to love this.

Because this single UM technique can transform your life in more ways than you could imagine.  Every benefit of meditation you've ever heard of and more is available to you through this one simple, yet powerful technique.  

It powers the UM algorithm, and now you can gain mastery of this technique directly from the person who developed it. 
The "How To" of Mindfulness Practice.
What makes the Unified Mindfulness system so special is that for the first time ever, the mechanics of meditation practice are assembled together in a robust, precise framework.

The UM approach explains what's going on when you practice ANY meditation technique, so you can...
  • Fully understand the skills you develop as you practice
  • Discover an incredible variety of ways to practice
  • Make informed choices about how and when to practice
  • Communicate clearly about, celebrate, & get support for the outcomes you experience from practice
  • Refine, deepen, and expand your ability to practice
Once you start to understand the "How To" of meditation, you become empowered to adapt your practice to meet you where you're at, at any point in time.

It also empowers you to chose specific techniques to improve your well-being and help you achieve positive outcomes in any situation.

Want to reduce your suffering from chronic pain, try this...

Want to operate at peak performance in an Ironman competition, try this...

Want to find a deeper sense of purpose in life, try this.

It's an incredibly precise, yet highly adaptable way to practice mindfulness.  Clearly understanding the "how to" of your practice will free you to find what works best for you.
Meditate While Driving?
Another unique strength of the Unified Mindfulness system is that it's designed so you can easily bring the power of formal meditation practice into anything you do throughout your day.

When you have techniques you can use while you're on the go, you'll naturally get more practice in.  And the more practice you get in, the more rewards you'll naturally receive (naturally!)

So while the good news is that it's possible to have a formal meditation practice session while driving home from work...the bad news is that you can no longer say you don't have time to practice!  :-)

The more ways you find to integrate mindfulness practice into your daily life, the more you'll experience the outcomes that made you seek out mindfulness practice to begin with.
Introducing the See Hear Feel Masterclass
See Hear Feel is UM's signature technique.  It's the "master key" that unlocks every other technique, strategy or meditation approach you'll ever encounter.

Once you master the See Hear Feel technique, you'll understand the "How To" of meditation better than even many meditation teachers.

And like the Unified Mindfulness system,  on the surface the See Hear Feel technique is simple and easy to learn.   But once you really dig into it you'll discover an extremely precise, all-encompassing framework that can be adapted to any situation and take you to profound depths of experience.

The CORE training gave you a taste, but there's so much more waiting for you to discover! 

So what exactly is See Hear Feel?

If you're new to UM, here's a brief explainer: 

Unified Mindfulness divides all sensory experiences into 3 unique categories.

Everything you see with your eyes open or closed is in the "See" category.  So watching the waves crash onto the shore, recalling a vivid memory of an argument you once had, getting lost in a daydream, or just lazily starting at the back of your closed eyelids are all "See" sensory experiences.

Everything you hear, from external sounds, to self-talk and mental chatter, to songs and sounds you hear in your thoughts, to a quiet mind or a silent room, are all in the "Hear" category.

That leaves everything else in the "Feel" category.  This category includes anything you can feel, like a soft breeze on your face, or internal emotions like anger, sadness, gratitude, or joy, and also relaxation or emotional peace.  And yes, smell and taste fall into the "Feel" category (that's one of the most frequently asked questions we get from people starting to explore UM).

You connect to the world around you - and the world inside you - through See Hear Feel.  And every single life moment you experience will fall into one of these three main sensory categories.
So Why Does That Matter?
Let's put it all together...

Unified Mindfulness considers mindfulness practice the development of three skills: concentration, clarity, and equanimity.

And like going to the gym and doing a "rep" while lifting weights, every time you focus your attention you're doing a mindfulness rep.  Over time, these reps will strengthen and sharpen your mindfulness skills, which allows you to practice with greater duration, bringing the rewards of mindfulness practice to you with greater duration and intensity too.

And when you master the See Hear Feel technique, you discover two key points:
  • See Hear Feel holds the secret to any experience you'll ever have.
Life can seem so complicated and confusing! See Hear Feel helps you untangle the sensory knots which brings more and more relief over time… and more and more fulfillment! 
  • See Hear Feel is many techniques in one.  
See Hear Feel is the springboard for knowing how to focus on anything you choose to build your mindfulness skills. 

For example, maybe you're drawn to focus on a single category: Just Hear. Or a single sensation, like the taste of an apple.

There's always something new to learn, based on how you're drawn to explore the gym of your sensory experience. The result is a practice you look forward to doing!

It's all laid out with tremendous precision, clarity, and care in the techniques and the terminology, so you're empowered with the ability to choose your own journey of happiness, healing, and discovery.

And it all begins with See Hear Feel. 
But This Is NOT An "Intro" Technique
It's important to understand that the See Hear Feel technique is extremely powerful on its own.

So even though numerous other techniques become possible once you understand See Hear Feel,  it is possible to build your entire mindfulness practice on this single technique.

As Unified Mindfulness CEO and Head Trainer Julianna Raye explains,

"See Hear Feel is my personal go-to technique..."

Which means, this See Hear Feel Masterclass has everything you need to build an "industrial-strength" mindfulness practice...or take your existing practice to levels you never thought possible.
What Makes This Training So Special...
Simply put, there's no other training like this available anywhere else on the planet.

This deep-dive Masterclass is a guided tour and total exploration of UM's signature technique, led by the developer of the Unified Mindfulness system, Shinzen Young and co-taught by UM CEO and Head Trainer Julianna Raye. 

You're going to learn it right from the source.

In this immersive training, you'll explore all aspects of this powerful technique, and you'll...
Finish With A Mastery Of The "How To" Of Meditation Practice That Few People Have.
I know, that's a bold statement.  But it's 100% true. 

You'll also finish this training with everything you need to sustain and deepen your mindfulness practice for a lifetime, plus the know-how to take formal meditation practice with you as you navigate your daily life.

Everyone knows the goal of mindfulness practice is to live "in the moment."  That's easy to say, but how do you do it?

Beyond understanding the "How To," you need the ability to take your practice with you everywhere you go.

And the ultimate goal is to live your life - 24/7 - in an increasingly heightened state of attention…because things tend to go better when you do. 

The See Hear Feel Masterclass will give you all you need to do just that.  
"Most people won't go to a monastery...but for most people the monastery will come to you."
- Shinzen Young
Your Teachers
Shinzen Young
Shinzen Young is a mindfulness teacher and neuroscience research consultant, who trained extensively in Asia, before becoming a prominent mindfulness teacher in the west.

He consults widely on meditation-related research, including studies conducted at Harvard Medical School, Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Vermont and the Army Research Lab. 

He is currently establishing a neuroscience lab called SEMA at the University of Arizona.

Shinzen leads meditation retreats throughout North America and has been developing his model of mindfulness practice and theory over the past 50 years. 

Effective application of his model optimizes practitioners’ ability to cope with emotional triggers, relational conflicts, physical pain, and other adversities. 

Shinzen Young
Shinzen Young is a mindfulness teacher and neuroscience research consultant, who trained extensively in Asia, before becoming a prominent mindfulness teacher in the west.

He consults widely on meditation-related research, including studies conducted at Harvard Medical School, Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Vermont and the Army Research Lab. 

He is currently establishing a neuroscience lab called SEMA at the University of Arizona.

Shinzen leads meditation retreats throughout North America and has been developing his model of mindfulness practice and theory over the past 50 years. 

Effective application of his model optimizes practitioners’ ability to cope with emotional triggers, relational conflicts, physical pain, and other adversities. 

Julianna Raye
Julianna Raye is devoted to deepening people’s understanding of research-supported mindfulness and empowering anyone to guide others in its practice. She has been training individuals and groups in the Unified Mindfulness system for nearly two decades.

As CEO, lead curriculum designer, and head trainer at Unified Mindfulness, she's dedicated to disseminating Shinzen Young’s comprehensive mindfulness meditation system through the creation and presentation of educational programs and teacher-training certification programs. 

With more than 120 weeks of immersive silent retreat training in both the mindfulness and Zen traditions, Julianna has completed over 20,000 hours of formal retreat training. 

Her brain has been studied in neuroscience labs at Vanderbilt, UNM, and in a published UCLA study comparing long-term meditator’s brains with those of non-meditators. She also designed and led the training for a workplace research study which was carried out under noted mindfulness researcher David Creswell, PhD. out of Carnegie Mellon University. Papers Julianna co-authored were published in two prominent science journals: Mindfulness, and the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology. 
We know this training can change your life.

This program took over a year to complete and we're extremely honored to offer it to you today.  

To honor your commitment to use this time to build a personal practice that will transform your life in so many wonderful ways, we're proud to offer this training for just $247.
But There's A Catch...
After working with thousands of students, we've discovered a unique, but highly effective tool for success in our programs and deepening your meditation practice with them:


It may seem obvious, but it works.

So when we sat down to brainstorm ways we could create a special promotion, the choice became clear...

When you register for the See Hear Feel Masterclass, you can now bring an accountability partner into the program with you for free.  

It can be anyone: a partner, friend, coworker, family member, etc.

They will receive the full See Hear Feel Masterclass too, so you can both go through this training program together.

And if you if don't have someone in mind you'd like to join you as your accountability partner, then you can opt to gift this training to someone on our UM Financial Assistance waiting list.

We've been working hard behind the scenes to launch and fund this program, so we can offer scholarships to underserved and at-risk populations.

So whether it's a friend or a complete stranger, your registration will also be sharing this practice with someone else.  :-)

 Also Get A Special Resource to Provide You Extra Support as You Navigate this Training
3 Months Free in the UM's Private Group Coaching, which includes...
...daily guided meditations, live-streamed via video (Monday - Friday)

AND you'll also get instant access to UM's digital archives which contains OVER 500 guided meditations available on-demand or by download so you can take with you everywhere you go.

There's not a larger collection of Unified Mindfulness Guided Meditations available anywhere else on the planet.   

These "Daily 10's" cover the entire spectrum of UM techniques, and on their own have a value higher than the cost of this entire See Hear Feel Masterclass.


Weekly, LIVE Group Coaching calls on the on each month's "UM Technique of the Month."

As the official teacher training platform for Unified Mindfulness, we have a very unique opportunity to provide you a live group coaching environment where students, teachers-in-training and senior facilitators come together to to support you in your practice.

It's a place to connect, learn, and learn in a dynamic environment available to you 24/7. 

These calls are an opportunity to connect directly with senior Unified Mindfulness teachers and coaches in support of your practice

When you enroll in the See Hear Feel Masterclass with Shinzen and Julianna, you'll get 3 months free in UM's Private Group Coaching program.
Our Commitment To You
It goes without saying that we fully stand behind the See Hear Feel Masterclass to honor Shinzen's work in developing the Unified Mindfulness system.

Now, more than ever, we want you to know that we are here for you and we want to make sure you're getting the type of support that's most useful to you, right now.  
So dive into this training program. If you don't feel it's right for you then just let us know within the first 30 days and we'll work with you to find out what may be a better fit, or we'll give you a full, no-hassle refund.
So try it out and see what this training can do for you, 100% risk free.  

We look forward to connecting with you inside the program.

In gratitude,

Dave, Julianna, Shinzen, and the entire U.M. Team
Informed by science...
Inspired through service to others.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How Much Is It?
The See Hear Feel Masterclass is just $247, has $291 in additional support resources, and you can "Bring-A-Friend" with you for free.
  • How Do I Access the See Hear Feel Masterclass?
You can sign in to our learning platform by clicking here or by visiting: http://training.unifiedmindfulness.com.
  • How Do I Contact Support?
Click here to visit our support desk or send an email to support (at) unifiedmindfulness.com.
  • How Long Do I Have to Complete the Training?
There's no time limit to complete the See Hear Feel Masterclass. And you'll have permanent online access to the training so that you can go through it at a pace that works for you! Permanent access also means that you'll always be able to go back to specific modules or videos to refresh or reinforce concepts and techniques.
  • Is There a Guarantee?
Of Course! You're either 100%, head-over-heels thrilled with the Masterclass training or just contact us and we'll give you a full, no-questions-asked refund in your first 30 days.
  • How Do I Access the Private Group Coaching?
Within 24 hours of joining the training, we will contact you to set up your access.
  • How Long Does It Take to Get Started?
You'll create your username and password during checkout, so you can start the training immediately!
  • Do You Send Me Anything in the Mail?
No. This interactive training program is 100% online. The Masterclass is hosted on our state-of-the-art learning management system (LMS), so you can access the training from desktop, laptop, tablet or phone - 24/7. The LMS will even save your place in the training, so when you leave and come back, you will resume right where you left off! 
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