Sabine Heggemann

  • born 1967, married to Lars in 2096, mother of two boys Fiete (1998) and Tomke (2001).
  • 2 year apprenticeship to become a stained glass painter.
  • 5 years for the studies of Cultural Applied Science (M.A.) at the University of Lueneburg. Main subjects Environmental Education and Communication.
  • 6 years to found a “different kind” of public comprehensive school in Lueneburg.
  • since 2003 I did trainings on the subject of “mindful parenting” with Lienhard Valentin (Mit Kindern wachsen e.V.), Katharina Martin (Institut für Essentielle Gestaltarbeit), Jon & Myla Kabat-Zinn (Centre for Mindfulness, USA), Polly Elam (RIE-Institut/USA), Fred Donaldson (Ursprüngliches Spiel/USA), Anna Tardos (Emmi-Pikler-Institut/Hungary), Christopher Germer (Harvard Medical School & Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapiy, USA), and
  • “Mindfulness & School/Youth” und “Basic Mindfulness” with Soryu Forall (Center for Mindful Learning (CML)/USA) und Shinzen Young (USA).
  • since 2011 I participated in four one-week silent retreats, facilitator-  and other trainings with Shinzen Young and/or Soryu Forall in North America.
  • continuous working with Soryu Forall and Shinzen Young
  • awardee of the Körber-Foundation for a mindful parent-child-project.
  • chair of executive committe of two school-parent associations and an international volunteer organisation for environmental education.
  • individual counseling for parents, lectures and seminars within the pedagogical field since 1991.
  • Mindfulness Training for companies, organisations and institutions since 2013 (schools, Kindergarten, police, employment agency, different social foundations, adult education centres, clinic, etc.
  • indivdual mindful 1:1-coachings and teachings.
  • instruction and training for Basic Mindfulness-Facilitators since 2015.
  • 2015 foundation and CEO of the nonprofit organisation: Fokus Achtsamkeit (

Mindfulness makes me happy, because it …

… helps me being a more loving, calm, patient, appreciative, understanding, listening, safe, supportive, straight parent and partner. Unbelievable, but it is like this. Be aware, that I wrote “a more xy parent and partner”, not “an always xy.parent and partner” .

… reduced my “40 year old” migrane about 90%. Actually this I especially due to Basic Mindfulness.

… is responsible for an increasing understanding who I am and how I function in a deep way.

… allows me to earn money with offering people something really helpful.

… makes it possible to be part of a great community with people who – for sure – have their heart on the right spot (as we say in Germany).

And I want to use this last aspect to lead over to one of my visions. I have a lot of experiences with visions, you know. The most serious visions came true, although a lot of people didn’t believe in them. One was the marriage with Lars. The other one was the foundation of the first public comprehensive school in Lüneburg.

I must admit right in the beginning, that this vision is not very much concrete yet. But that doesn’t matter. This can be a sensitive, but normal phase in the process of a vision becoming true. Sometimes you have to do things, sometimes you have to wait, so that life can evolve and do its part. I want to share this vision with you, with people who – for sure – have their heart on the right spot: exactly those people, that are needed for this vision to develop and come true.

What is the vision like so far? Right now I can describe it as a “something” that can have all kind of appearances, might change over time, smell, sound, look in one billion ways. The basic foundation is a working together in a positive and loving way, so that everyone on earth can see/hear/feel it. Something that allows the positive force to materialize, that evolves and allows people to experience the good, love, in a convincing and sustainable way. You can read about it in the newspapers and see and hear it in the news. Every day. Every hour. It’s there. Noone can ignore it. It is everywhere. Everyone can be in touch with it and nurture the positive in oneself and others. Actually I know that this is already happening. I am only wandering how we can make this come into the mind and hearts of more earths citizens. How can we make this an ancer and concrete “filling station” for everyone? So that it is real for everyone in any moment? Any ideas? Let me know, lets do stuff together, or just start it … we will realize it then …

While this is going on we are doing our best to develop our nonprofit organisation “Fokus Achtsamkeit”. We found this organisation to be of better service for the commuity and especially to serve kids and youths. Right now we do this mainly by offering different kinds of mindfulness training programs for adults that live and/or work with kids and teens. We are a group of people that are on one hand side mindfulness teachers, but have other qualifictaions on the other side. My vision here is, to develop this organisation so that one day there are high quality mindfulness teachers which have another professional side, which allows them to support human beings from birth till death with comprehensive competence. The whole cycle. May all beings be happy.

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