Renee Anthony Dee

Akron, OH

Unified Mindfulness L² Coach

MM Bassoon Performance and Music Theory
Arts Advocate

I have had the great privilege to enjoy a rich and varied career spanning four decades in music education and the performing arts. After I earned my masters’ degree in bassoon performance and music theory, I worked simultaneously as a performer, a music educator, and a passionate arts advocate. I taught bassoon and music theory at The University of Akron, Bowling Green State University, The College of Wooster, and Ashland University, and served as sectional coach for the Akron Youth Symphony for many years.

My arts administrative work took many forms, ranging from board president for a nascent arts non-profit (Resonance Works/Pittsburgh) to Director of Artistic Planning (Akron Symphony Orchestra) to union executive board member and negotiator (Local 24, American Federation of Musicians; Regional Orchestra Players’ Association, AFM). Among my current performing duties is that of Principal Bassoon in the Cleveland Pops Orchestra. The thread running through all of my endeavors, however different they might appear to be, has been an abiding sense that we are here to create and facilitate connection with our fellow beings.

I’ve been a dabbling meditator throughout my life, never really gaining traction with a consistent practice that lasted for more than several months at a time. Transitional events in my life, juxtaposed with the examples of my grown children’s meditation practices, provided the sparks and fuel to rekindle my own interest in mindfulness.

At my son’s suggestion, I attended a week-long retreat given by Shinzen Young at the Center for Mindful Learning in Vermont.  This was my first silent retreat, and a deep dive into Unified Mindfulness techniques. It opened the door to a consistent and ever-evolving practice that has quickly transformed a passion to learn into a passion to share practice with others. I completed the Pathways Program and became a Unified Mindfulness Level 2 Coach. Soon after, I was invited to join the staff of Unified Mindfulness on an ad hoc basis, working on various projects such as Immersion 2019.

Teaching is in my DNA, and as my first career winds down, I find myself called to continue to create and facilitate connection through the training I’ve received in Unified Mindfulness. May it serve all beings.