Renee Anthony Dee

Renee Anthony Dee

Akron, OH Unified Mindfulness L² Coach

MM Bassoon Performance and Music Theory
Arts Advocate

RENEE ANTHONY DEE has enjoyed a rich and varied career as a symphonic musician, a music educator, and an arts advocate in many roles ranging from board president to producer to union administrator. The common thread throughout her life has been an ever-deepening call to be of service. That calling led her to undertake the rigorous teacher training in mindfulness meditation offered by Unified Mindfulness. She is certified as an L2 Coach and has served as a coach in the UM certification platform. In service to making mindfulness training broadly accessible, she was responsible for much of the design and implementation of Immersion 2019, UM’s first-of-its-kind virtual meditation retreat. She recently served as a support trainer for the inaugural L2 coach certification class in India.

Renee works with individuals and groups in developing mindful awareness; her particular interests include developing resilience in challenging circumstances, discovering a rhythm of consistent, ongoing practice, developing compassion, and integrating practice into daily life.