Nina La Rosa

Nina La Rosa first encountered mindfulness in an undergraduate course at University of Vermont. On the professor’s advice she then attended her first intensive meditation retreat with Buddhist teacher and scholar, Shinzen Young. Shinzen’s pragmatic and scientific approach was a perfect fit! Nina began to experience a freeing shift in her sense of self and the world and was inspired to make sharing mindfulness her life’s work.

In 2012, while working in clinical neuroscience research on mindfulness, Nina founded a mindfulness training and psychotherapy practice to support clients with their meditation and mental health. She continues this work today and specializes in addressing chronic pain, traumatic brain injury, and spiritual emergence challenges. Her heart is most alive when assisting people through sticky spots on the meditative path. Techniques that work with emotions are her favorite to practice and teach. Making the dharma accessible and leveraging its potential for healing of systemic injustice also fuels her work.

Nina offers her services out of Stillpoint Center in Burlington, Vermont and online. She teaches Mindfulness in Healthcare, a semester-long experiential course at UVM (the same class that started it all for her in 2006!). She is an active member of the Generation X Dharma Teacher Sangha and graduate of the Spirit Rock Heavenly Messengers Program. As a new mother, Nina’s also found the crucible of parenting to be a great way to put mindfulness to the test!

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