“Just as a physical trainer improves your workout, working with a mindfulness meditation trainer deepens and strengthens your skills, providing the necessary perspective, feedback and support so you maximize the potential of your practice.”

– Julianna Raye


Can mindfulness meditation be a personal trainer for your mind?

In this podcast episode, Julianna Raye together with Wellness Force Founder, Josh Trent, explores the answer to that question.

Mindfulness is a hugely popular term these days. In fact, everybody knows it’s hot and as a result a lot of people are just throwing it around. But the good news is that people are at least learning the word, even if they don’t yet know what it means. A simple way to learn about mindfulness is to first know the difference between “Ordinary Mindfulness” and “Industrial Strength Mindfulness”. “Ordinary Mindfulness” basically means that you are trying your best to “be present” or more aware. On the other hand, “Industrial Strength Mindfulness” goes beyond conceptual. You have an infrastructure of support to strengthen the muscle of your attention. In industrial strength mindfulness, the activities you do to strengthen your attention impact the whole of your life. And in order to do that, it’s extremely useful to get super clear about the definition of Mindfulness and the procedures and techniques you need to  do, to strengthen mindfulness. You can tell the difference between ordinary mindfulness and industrial strength mindfulness if you start getting into clear techniques and procedures that develop a core set of attention skills. That’s when it starts to really have power.

There’s also a tremendous link between mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Mindfulness definitely informs and improves your empathy, your emotional regulation, your compassion, your sense of authenticity and being in integrity with yourself. These are all signs of emotional intelligence. Julianna teaches people how to use mindfulness in order to cultivate their empathy and improve their emotional regulation so they know how to effectively process their emotions and to have a choice around the actions they take.

At the end of this podcast episode, you’ll learn some valuable tips on how to strategically implement mindfulness meditation for specific challenges in your life, develop your basic mindfulness skills (Sensory Clarity, Concentration Power, and Equanimity) on the go and discover this invaluable practice, that helps enhance all the activities of your life.