How Do Mindfulness Interventions Work?

with Dr. David Creswell. Ph.D.
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Program Description:

Over the past decade there has been significant interest in mindfulness interventions in medical and mental health settings.  But how does mindfulness actually work?   What does the latest research tell practitioners about the effects of mindfulness on the body and the brain?  Can being open and receptive to present moment experience significantly affect health over time?

This presentation will describe current theory on mindfulness and a series of studies conducted by Dr. Creswell that depict potential brain and physiological stress reduction pathways linking mindfulness with a broad range of mental and physical health outcomes.  The discussion will focus on the underlying psychological mechanisms related to mindfulness that mediate stress and promote health. This intermediate program is intended to help participants attain a clear conceptual framework for the integration of mindfulness-based approaches in clinical practice based on the most current research.  It will include a guided meditation, an overview and explanation of recent research and findings from Dr. Creswell’s lab, and plenty of opportunities for questions and discussion.

Course Outline:

  • What is mindfulness?
  • Types of mindfulness interventions.
  • Effects of mindfulness interventions: physical and mental health outcomes, cognitive and affective outcomes, interpersonal outcomes.
  • Mechanisms of mindfulness: Psychological and neurobiological.
  • What are the risks and limitations of mindfulness interventions?
  • Dialogue with Julianna Raye on mindfulness practice and research.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe current theories of mindfulness and recent research on health-related outcomes of mindfulness training.
  2. Explain neurobiological pathways that relate physiological stress to health.
  3. Summarize research findings that provide evidence for the link between physiological stress reduction, mindfulness, and health.
  4. Identify underlying mechanisms that are common in a number of mindfulness based interventions.
  5. Summarize the clinical relevance of neurobiological research on mindfulness.

Date:  Saturday June 9th, 2018

Time:  2 PM – 6 PM EDT (11 AM – 3 PM PDT)

Location:  Online via live video conferencing


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About the Instructor: David Creswell is an Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, where he also serves as Director of the Health & Human Performance Laboratory.   His research focuses broadly on understanding what makes people resilient under stress. Specifically, he conducts community intervention studies, laboratory studies of stress and coping, and neuroimaging studies to understand how various stress management strategies alter coping and stress resilience. For example, he is currently working on studies that test how mindfulness meditation training impacts the brain, peripheral stress physiological responses, and stress-related disease outcomes in at-risk community samples.

David’s work has been published in general science, health psychology, social psychology, neuroscience, and medical journals. He was recognized in 2011 as a Rising Star by the Association for Psychological Science, and in 2014 received the American Psychological Association Early Career Award for his scientific contributions to psychology.

Learn more about Dr. David Creswell here.

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