Mindfulness for Goal Achievement

Please check out my podcast with Rock Star Motivational Speaker Hal Elrod! It’s a fun and insightful conversation about how Mindfulness will help you Achieve Your Goals…whatever they may be.

Here are just a few of the things we talk about:

Active Meditation 

Most people see meditation as something you do on a cushion for a little while every day and then get on with your life. But to really experience the profound rewards of practice, you want to find ways to bring practice into more and more of your day. That’s when it benefits and supports you deeply and brings about permanent, positive shifts.

So, don’t think of mindfulness or meditation as something you do for a few minutes a day, but rather think of it as a lifestyle choice which enriches all of your experiences while helping you discover greater resilience with life’s challenges. Ultra Mindfulness meditation gives you specific skills and strategies to do just that, so you can address the challenges you face as they are happening and work with them productively.

And when good things happen… Ultra Mindfulness will enrich the positive experiences as they occur so you will get more satisfaction from them.

Goal Achievement

What do you really want and why?

On the surface you have ideas about what will make your life better. But the surface goal is just a reflection of a deeper need or value.

We discuss how to get clear about your deepest goals and sense of purpose – and how to use mindfulness meditation in support of those deep goals.

Ultra Mindfulness could cause a shift in how you approach your surface goals or it could simply support your ability to focus on and achieve those surface goals because they are fully aligned with your deepest purpose.


Since Hal is a meditator himself, it makes this interview especially rich.

He discusses his relationship to progress and, without giving away too much, he speaks about a profound insight he had around the issue of progress.

Our goal with Mindfulness meditation is to recognize whatever we cling to or avoid that inhibits our true freedom. When you see how you are caught in an idea for example, just in recognizing that, you are free to make different choices for yourself. That is true empowerment. So, goal achievement includes setting clear goals that support your deepest sense of purpose, staying on track with your goals and not getting caught in distractions, and recognizing when you are trapped by your ideas around your goals and accomplishments. Then you are free to make balanced choices and create the life you imagine for yourself, inside and out!

We had a great time recording this podcast and I hope you enjoy it too!

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