Marcy Crawford

Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
Unified Mindfulness Senior Teacher & Director of Coach Development

Marcy Crawford is a meditation teacher and mindfulness trainer based in Thousand Oaks, California. In addition to her private business, Marcy directs coach development and manages special events and projects for Unified Mindfulness.


Marcy’s aptitude for working in complex and challenging environments, coupled with her extensive meditation background, has led her to provide individualized training programs in a variety of professional settings. After many years of service in public education, most recently as a school board president, she developed an innovative approach to mindfulness in education called Embodied Teaching.TM She has a passion for bringing the profound benefits of mindful awareness to educators and other professionals and volunteers who are dedicated to public service.


In addition to consulting to schools and conducting training for California fire academies, Marcy hosts weekly sitting groups, leads private retreats, provides one-on-one coaching to meditators, and mentors other coaches. Her mission is to nurture truth by supporting others while continuing to deepen her own practice. Marcy’s own approach is classically individualized, and strongly informed by Unified Mindfulness, Rinzai Zen, and Advaita Vedanta teachings. Her teachers have included Shinzen Young, Gary Weber, Shunan Noritake Roshi, and Ursula Jarand.