Marcy Crawford

Marcy Crawford

Thousand Oaks, CA, USA

Unified Mindfulness L² Coach

Marcy Crawford is a meditation facilitator and student based in the Los Angeles area, attending a minimum of 30 days of silent retreat each year toward her continuing education.

She has trained with several different teachers and has a broad education in the field, which brings depth and clarity to her work as a mindfulness trainer.Marcy has studied the Unified Mindfulness system for many years, including participation in the inaugural class of teacher trainees.

As a parent of three, Marcy’s passion lies in bringing the profound benefits of mindful awareness to children, parents, educators, and non-profits that support LGBTQ and foster youth. Her experience as a school board President has also led to her discovering an aptitude for helping adults in demanding environments, which in turn has led to her to offering retreats and wellness programs in corporate environments.