Marcy Crawford

Thousand Oaks, CA, USA

Unified Mindfulness L² Coach

Marcy Crawford is an experienced mindfulness trainer and dedicated practitioner based in Thousand Oaks, California.

A parent of three, Marcy has a passion for bringing the profound benefits of mindful awareness to children, parents, educators, and non-profits that support LGBTQ and foster youth. She has an aptitude for working with people in a wide variety of challenging environments, as was evident during her recent tenure as a school board president.

In addition to conducting corporate classes, wellness programs, and retreats and teaching in schools to students, parents, and staff members, Marcy also leads private retreats, and provides one-on-one coaching to mindfulness practitioners as well as mentoring to other coaches. Her deepest desire is to nurture truth by supporting others’ practices while continuing to deepen her own practice. Her primary teachers are Shinzen Young and Shunan Noritake Roshi.