Dr. Marc-Antoine Landry

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Unified Mindfulness L² Coach

I am a baby doctor (neonatologist), and a university professor at the faculty of medicine at the University of Alberta.

I initially began meditating in order to decrease stress, but I quickly experienced other benefits that fueled my practice.

It was not only decreasing stress, but it was changing my relationship to stress altogether. I also immediately saw meditation as a fantastic tool to discover myself at a deeper level. Moreover, I found that it deepened my relationship to my patient where I found myself more present and more empathic. Those were the main threads that I followed in the beginning.

I have explored few different kinds of mindful awareness approaches, but has mainly studied and practiced Shinzen’s Unified Mindfulness paradigm – which I discovered serendipitously.

Integrating mindfulness training into my work — with parents, students, and colleagues — is now one of my passions. I am also conducting a research project studying the effects of mindfulness on stress of mothers of sick neonates.

I also teach mindfulness as an elective for medical students. This is very well received. Shinzen’s system is complex in a way, but easy and accessible in another way. You always feels that you are on track, whatever happens to you. You never feel like you’re a failure or you’re not good enough. There’s always something for you.

I am always touched to hear students opening up about their stress and sharing their stories. I am a witness of the suffering that we all experience through the lens of our own life and I hope people can find ways such as mindfulness to decrease their suffering, whether it is physical, emotional or mental.


I don’t have a website but you can reach me at icaremindfulness (AT) gmail.com