John Murphy

Dublin, Ireland
Unified Mindfulness L2 Coach

The discovery of mindfulness pulled me from the rubble of depression and anxiety and into a radically new and more wholesome way of being. I am deeply grateful to my teachers Shinzen Young and Soryu Forall for showing me these skills and how to use them to make real and tangible changes.


I have been practicing mindfulness for six years, recently committing to full time training at the Monastic Academy in Vermont for six months.


I have a deep desire to share the skills of mindfulness and also create communities that can support individuals in their practice. Through Unified Mindfulness I have been able to expand the scope of my teaching from just experienced meditators into the wider world. I enjoy working with groups who are new to meditation and also those who have a practice and are curious about growing and deepening their skills. I most enjoy working with clients one on one where we can really construct a practice that infuses and informs all areas of their life.


From physical health, to mental health, to emotional maturity and well being, I really believe deeply in the profound and transformative effects of the three core skills of mindfulness. I also enjoy facilitating circling and authentic Relating events around Dublin and am excited about the community that is growing around these practices.


I am one of the facilitators for the Dublin Wake Up Sangha, a group that meets to practice in the tradition of Plum Village, a Monastery established by Buddhist Monk Thich Naht Hanh. I find this to be a lovely way for people to test out mindfulness if they are curious and also provide support to those who are endeavoring to maintain a steady practice.