Jeff Warren

Jeff Warren is a journalist and meditation teacher. He’s the author of The Head Trip – a travel guide through waking, sleeping, and dreaming – and has written for The New York Times, The New Scientist, Discover, and others. He guides meditations for 10% Happier, and offers retreats, events and courses at the Toronto-based Consciousness Explorer’s Club, which he founded in 2011. He writes about “the CEC:” “We take insights and practices from culture and science and integrate them in playful and experimental ways with insights and practices from the world’s contemplative traditions, in particular Buddhism and mindfulness. We do this as a community, and try to empower everyone in the community to develop their own understanding and to share their various neurotic life strategies, so we can laugh uproariously at them together, in a spirit of dumbfounded incredulity.”

Jeff went to his first Shinzen retreat in 2008. Before this he was a rubbish meditator, given to staring longingly into the middle-distance, as if waiting for someone to come along and tell him where to place his attention, which in fact was exactly the case. Shinzen showed him how to bring a little rigor to all that subjective effusion, and in so doing systematically lower one’s baseline-level of suffering, and raise one’s baseline-level of fulfillment. And so Jeff did and so Jeff has – in a complicated real-life way. He now endeavors to help others do the same.

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