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Immersion 2020 VIP Digital Interview Package
Just $97
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Join UM's Group Coaching Program for 3 Months For Just $97: Join the Unified Mindfulness Group Coaching program for a full 3 months for an additional one-time payment of $97. Regularly priced at $97 a month, this 3 month trial is an exclusive offer for Immersion participants who'd like to continue to work with UM coaches via weekly live, group coaching calls and through self-directed learning via UM's home study library, which includes our 8 week Unify training program (regularly priced at $247 alone). This subscription will not auto-renew! As your 3 month trial is coming to an end, we'll contact you to see if you'd like to continue in the group coaching program. We hope this is a great way for you dive into the UM system by working directly with UM coaches!

 VIP Digital Interview Package Details...
  The Digital Recordings of Immersion 2020 Interviews: Streaming on-demand, permanent access to the Immersion 2020 recordings. (A $97 value) 
  The Digital Recordings of the Inaugural Immersion 2019 Interviews: Streaming on-demand, permanent access to the Immersion 2019 recordings.  (A $97 value)
  Special 3-Part Interview with Shinzen Young and Julianna Raye: Over 2 hours of exclusive video footage! (A $47 value)
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The Immersion 2020 Interviews
  • Tami Simon
  • ​Jeff Walker
  • ​James Valentine - 2020 Update!
  • ​Aubrey Marcus
  • ​Lama Rod Owens
  • ​Natalie Bryant, Ph.D.
  • ​Mark Miller, Ph.D.
  • ​Delia Garcia
  • Chade-Meng Tan
  • ​Mike Bryan
  • ​JP Sears
  • ​Yanik Silver - 2020 Update!​​
  • ​Mirabai Bush
  • ​Timothy Olson
  • ​Dr. Kristin Neff
  • ​Nina Rao
  • Trudy Goodman Kornfield Ph.D.
  • ​Rhonda Magee
  • ​Raghu Markus
  • ​Shelly Tygielski
  • ​Ben Lee
  • ​Jon Berghoff - 2020 Update!​​
  • ​Jessica Zapotechne
  • ​Inside the SEMA Lab - University of Arizona with Jay Sanguinetti
The Immersion 2019 Interviews
  • ​Ann Buck
  • ​Bill Duane
  • ​Bob McClure  
  • ​Choshin Blackburn  
  • ​Christian Stiller 
  • ​Christian Straka 
  • ​ CPT Tom Nassif 
  • ​Daron Larson 
  • ​Dave Vago 
  • ​David Creswell
  • Don McCormick
  • ​Eagle Hilton 
  • ​​Emily Lindsay 
  • ​Hal Elrod 
  • ​Har-Prakash Khalsa 
  • ​Honoree Corder 
  • ​James Maskalyk 
  • ​James Valentine 
  • ​Jay Sanguinetti 
  • ​Jeff Kirschenbaum 
  • ​Jeff Warren 
  • ​Jeremy Hunter 
  • ​John Kane
  • ​Jon Berghoff
  • ​​ Jon Vroman 
  • ​Judson Brewer 
  • ​Julianna Raye 
  • ​Lili Haydn 
  • ​Marcello Spinella 
  • ​Maria Gonzalez
  • ​Meg Salter 
  • ​Michael Taft 
  • ​Patricia Moreno
  • ​Paula England 
  • ​Peter Marks
  • ​​Polly Young Eisendrath
  • ​​Ralph Steele 
  • ​Rick Hanson 
  • ​Scot Lowry 
  • ​Shelly Young 
  • ​Shinzen Young  
  • ​Stephanie Nash 
  • ​Susan Kaiser Greenland 
  • ​Thomas McConkie 
  • ​Valerie Brown 
  • ​Warner Wright 
  • ​Yanik Silver
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