A Worldwide Live, Virtual Mindfulness Retreat - 24 Hours a Day for 5 Straight Days!
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Online Meditation Retreat | 59 Mindfulness Workshops, Panel Discussions, and Q&A's | Live-Streamed, 5 Day Drop-In Meditation Retreat. It's 5 Days Unlike Anything You've Experienced Before. Dip Your Toe In... Or Take a Deep Dive.
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The 3rd Annual IMMERSION is 
Free & Online May 12-16, 2021
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What is Immersion?
An unprecedented, worldwide meditation event that you can join any time of day in any time zone for five full days. You'll be guided and supported by our International Unified Mindfulness coaching community and top UM teachers.  You'll learn not only seated practice techniques, but also dozens of ways to practice on the go and when you need it most.
What's a Drop-In Meditation Retreat?
It's easy to talk yourself out of a meditation retreat - Just don't have the time, pressing commitments, fear of being trapped in a faraway place with a bunch of weirdos. So, we made it easy to talk yourself into one. A drop in retreat gives you a chance to dip your toe in and get a taste of the retreat without having to commit to the whole schedule. You just do as much as you can, when you can. With a virtual retreat you don't have to worry about disturbing the room. It's a great way to see what it's like, or just get in a little extra sitting than you normally would. Who knows where that will take you one day?
Whether you're at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level of your meditation practice.
At Any Stage - We’ve Got You Covered. 
 3 times a day we’ll be offering intro classes so you can ask any question you’ve ever had about meditation. By the time Immersion ends you'll have 4 new techniques you can practice any time, anywhere, plus an understanding of how to practice that's clearer than many people with years of meditation experience!
If you’re an intermediate meditator we invite you to come sit with our community of devoted practitioners to take your practice deeper. Instruction and support are there for you if you want or need it. And if you don't, we welcome your presence and honor your practice!
If you’re an advanced meditator come sit in a like minded community. We take training seriously and we’d be honored for you to join us. Help us create a safe space for beginners to learn just by how you show up in your practice.  
And, if you just want to sit with a bunch of people in silence, the great news about an online retreat is that you can mute the room any time. So please, come join us! :) 

Drop In For As Much Or As Little As You’d Like
Instruction or no instruction.
 Beginner to advanced - all are welcome!  This is a virtual space for you to experience the UM system, learn new mediation techniques and connect with other others in practice from 2 AM to 10 PM Eastern...for 5 straight days!
Come and go as you please.
We'd love for you to join us for 5 straight days of immersive experience.   But we're offering this as a drop in retreat as well, so feel free to drop in and out of sessions as your schedule - and your interest - permits.
And To Push The Envelope Even Further...
In addition to the live-streamed retreat room, you're also invited to join us on a second live-streamed Life Practice room for over 40 hours of specialized, mindfulness workshops, Panel Discussions, Q&A's, Sharing Circles and Meetups.
Attend Specialized Training, Q&A's, and Panel Discussions Led By Top Unified Mindfulness Coaches... 
In addition to multiple daily Q&A sessions, below is a list of the 37 topics we'll be exploring in our Life Practice Room.
ALL of these sessions will be live-streamed, via video. Your participation is requested, so bring your questions!
  • Nature's Mindful Medicine
  • Common Obstacles for Mindfulness Practice 
  • Mindfulness Strategies for Healing and Repairing Family Relations
  • Mindfulness Approach to Pain
  • Mindfulness Tools for Pain and Physical Conditions
  • Mindfulness for Mental Health Issues
  • Flowing Out of Addiction
  • Mindful Eating
  • Sparking Joy in Daily Life
  • Unwinding Self-Sabotage: Becoming Your Most Loyal Supporter
  • Obstacle to Opportunity: Navigating Unpleasant Thoughts and Emotions During Meditation
  • Windows into the Creative Process
  • Coming Home to Yourself: Finding Empowerment in Self-Compassion
  • Cultivating Spiritual Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness for Busy Minds
  • The Long-Term Journey
  • Aging with Insight
  • Freedom through Writing: Unlocking Creative Insight and Expression
  • Mindfulness In the Workplace 
  • Authentic Leadership - Leading consciously, not compulsively 
  • Mindfulness in Schools: Inspiration from the Field
  • Align and Renew: Mindfulness for Sustainable Goal and Habit Development  
  • Mindfulness Skills for the Workplace
  • Mindful Leadership
  • How to Prepare Yourself and Your Home for a Virtual Retreat
  • Real mindfulness for real life - practicing mindfulness when you don't have time
  • Embodied Flow: Mindfulness Meets Movement
  • Meditation in Sport
  • Bringing Mindfulness Off the Cushion Into Daily Life
  • Mindfulness for generating new habits
Loving Service
  • Mindful Parenting
  • Mindfulness for Change Agents
  • Inclusive Mindfulness: Mindfulness as an Act of Service to Racial Justice
  • Mindful Community Meetup
  • Mindfulness and Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) Sharing Circle
  • Mindfulness Practice and Sharing Circle for Afro-Caribbean Black Communities
Plan Your Perfect Immersion Experience, then set reminders once you're registered.
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Retreat Practice Room Schedule
Life Practice Room Schedule
Drop In or Join Us from Open-to-Close in the 5 Day Virtual Meditation Retreat
 Live-streamed via video in TWO continuous 19-hour feeds.
Participation in the retreat is 100% Free...
"Mindfulness is an unreasonably effective way to increase human happiness."
- Shinzen Young
Immersion 2021 Is For You If...
You have always wanted to participate in an in-person meditation retreat
but time/money/family/work/distance has not made it possible for you yet
You're brand new to meditation 
and you'd like to learn techniques that will help you start a daily practice...and stay motivated to stick with it until it becomes a habit
You have an existing meditation practice in a different contemplative tradition 
and you'd like to experience how UM's precise approach can enhance your practice with its flexibility and numerous technique options by receiving clear instruction and feedback from top UM teachers
You're looking for a Worldwide, International Community
of like minded, dedicated meditators.
You're an educator
 and would like to learn ways to introduce mindfulness into your classroom and to your fellow educators, with techniques you can use on-the-go
You're an established Unified Mindfulness practitioner
 and you'd like to connect with the international Unified Mindfulness community for 5 straight days in a free, virtual, live retreat. (No plane ticket required :-)
You're a business, life or personal development coach 
and you'd like to learn a skills-based approach to mindfulness with numerous techniques and strategies you can share with your clients

You like a Balance of the Head and the Heart
so meditation not only feels good, it also makes sense
You're a mental health professional
 and you'd like to learn mindfulness-based interventions you can use with your clients
You're a skeptic
and you're looking for an evidence-based approach to meditation
You're a musician, artist, actor, or performer
and you'd like to learn how to take your creativity to exciting new heights
You're an athlete
 and you'd like to learn new mindset skills to train, compete and recover at your highest levels

Take a deep-dive and immerse yourself in the Unified Mindfulness system and experience it for yourself

What Is Unified Mindfulness?
There is no "right way" to meditate.  What matters most is that you find a technique that works for you, keeps you motivated, and supports the outcomes you're hoping to achieve.

What makes the Unified Mindfulness (UM) system so special is that for the first time ever, the mechanics of meditation practice have been brought together in a comprehensive, all-encompassing framework.

This framework allows you to understand what's going on when you practice ANY meditation technique.

And once you start to understand the "How To" of meditation, you become empowered to adapt your practice to meet you where you're at, at any time and in any situation.  That make UM ideal for practice in daily life.

UM has also been carefully designed with precise terminology which makes learning it - and teaching it - straight-forward and exact.
So while the UM system is not a new way to meditate, it does provide a new way to learn and teach meditating in an interactive format that allows the teacher to meet the student exactly where they are.  This interactive teaching approach is something that makes the Unified Mindfulness system truly unique.

While UM's framework makes it possible to pair specific techniques with your personal goals, its precision has also attracted leading labs at institutions like Harvard, Carnegie Mellon and Vanderbilt, which rely on the Unified Mindfulness system for their research into the neurological, psychological and physiological effects of mindfulness practice.  
For the first time in history, science is beginning to understand how meditation practice affects the brain to ease suffering, enhance performance and improve the overall well-being and happiness for those who practice it regularly. We're honored to play a role in helping to connect the dots between modern science and the ancient wisdom of contemplative traditions.
Also Included With Your Free Registration...
The Immersion Playbook is designed to help you clarify what you’d like to get out of Immersion 2021 and make the most of it.

There are a lot of options for this one-of-a-kind event, so we recommend coming up with a game plan beforehand. The Immersion Playbook will guide you through the possibilities and give you all the information you need to design your ideal event experience. 

And more than just a planner for optimizing your Immersion 2021 event, the Immersion Playbook is a comprehensive guide to prepare you for any formal meditation retreat you may ever participate in. 

This playbook is a gift from us to everyone who registers for Immersion 2021.
Why is Immersion Free?
Hosting this one-of-its-kind online event and making it 100% free for everyone to participate is a way for us to acknowledge, celebrate and express our immense gratitude for the transformational work that's being done every day to share this life-changing practice with others.

So come join us May 12th-16th, 2021 and experience for yourself what's possible. 

With gratitude, 

The Unified Mindfulness Community
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