Ready to work directly with UM Coaches, connect more fully with the UM community, and take your meditation practice deeper starting today?  
Then Join UM's Private Group Coaching with this exclusive, Immersion-only offer.
In UM's Private Group Coaching, You're Getting TWO Types of Support...

Live Group Coaching Track

  • LIVE, weekly group coaching calls with a UM coach
  • Once per month advanced training group coaching call with a senior UM teacher 
  • Live-streamed daily guided meditations (Monday- Friday)
  • 24/7 private group coaching support - connect with over 100 UM coaches
  • Private invitations to exclusive UM trainings and special calls

Self-Directed Track

  • "Tour of the Senses" training 
  • Introduction to "See Hear Feel" training
  • 550+ downloadable UM guided meditation audios
  • 30 unique UM technique learning units
  • The 8 week Unify training (start immediately) - $297 regular price
  • "The See Hear Feel MasterClass" with Shinzen & Julianna (available after 3 months) - $247 regular price
  • "Resonate - Using Music to get Mindful" training (available after 6 months) - $197 regular price
Try 3 Months in the Private UM Group Coaching Program for the...
Exclusive Immersion offer is a one-time payment of $197
(Regular price for UM Private Group Coaching is $97/month)
Try it! You have 30 days to request a full, no-questions-asked refund.
  • Plus...You'll get the very special bonus of the complete Immersion Speaker Interviews (over 70!) with your Group coaching Trial! (a $197 value)
Support Group FAQ's
What Exactly is UM Private Group Coaching?
Group Coaching is at the center of the Unified Mindfulness community. It's a private setting for people of all experience levels to meet 24/7 to support each other in practice and connect as a community. Monitored by over 100 UM Coaches,  help, support and connection is always available when you, 24/7.
What's Included in UM Group Coaching?
At the heart of this support group are the LIVE Group Coaching Calls every week with a senior UM Coach. Each month will focus on specific UM technique, so these weekly calls will provide you with live, interactive group coaching so you can get questions or concerns answered on the spot.

Another exciting part of the support group are "The Daily 10's."  These live-streamed guided meditations are a perfect way bring mindfulness into your day while sharpening your skills by introducing you to new ways to practice UM techniques (available Monday-Friday). 

In the self-directed track, you'll have access to UM's digital archives which contains OVER 550 guided meditations available on-demand or by download so you can take with you everywhere you go.

You'll also have access to 30 unique UM technique Learning Units, so you can take a deep dive into 30 different UM techniques and specialized applications of the Unified Mindfulness System.

You'll have immediate access to UM's 8 week Unify training (start immediately) - $297 regular price

After 3 months you'll get access to the See Hear Feel MasterClass with Shinzen & Julianna  - $247 regular price

After 6 months you get access to the "Resonate - Using Music to get Mindful" training  - $197 regular price

And finally, this private group is a meeting place for the Unified Mindfulness community, so you always have access to online support and connection anytime you need it - 24/7.
How Much is It?
This special Immersion-only offer is 3 months is just $197 for 3 months in Private Group Coaching.
Is There a Guarantee?
Of Course!

You're either fully satisfied, head-over-heels thrilled with the support group or just contact us in the first 30 days of your trial and you get a no-questions-asked refund.
Is this Month-to-Month?
Yes! After your first three months, you'll have the option to continue the Private Group Coaching on a  month-to-month basis, or take advantage of special savings with longer term options.

Although we hope you'll be a permanent member in UM's Private Group Coaching, you can cancel at any time you like.
How Do I Cancel?
Just send an email at [email protected] or submit a ticket on our support site here and we'll take care of it!