"How Do You Enrich the Lives of Your Clients, Ease the Suffering of Your Patients & Give the People You Love Tools to Live Happier, Healthier, More Fulfilled Lives... 
...While Finding More Meaning and a Deeper Sense of Purpose in YOUR OWN Life?"
So what brings you here, today?  I’m guessing...
  • You're interested in meditation or have an active practice.
  • You've heard of the incredible benefits of mindfulness or are already experiencing them.
  • You feel the call to serve others or you're in a profession where you already do.
  •  You're interested in a system of meditation that yields scientifically proven results.
If that's the case, then you already know that introducing others to mindfulness meditation is one of the most impactful and meaningful contributions you can make to their lives.

And whether from your own personal experience or as a result of serving others, you know the tremendous health and wellness benefits that a meditation practice gives to people when they need it most. 

But how do you gain the skill and the confidence to guide others in mindfulness meditation WITHOUT investing years of your life and often tens of thousands of dollars in deep, immersion training? 

What practical options do you have? Until now, the answer has been basically none.  

At Unified Mindfulness we recognize that people at all levels of experience and all stages of practice can become inspired to share what they know. 

Maybe you had a particularly rewarding practice session and you want to tell your friend about it in the hopes that he or she will take an interest.  

Maybe someone you love could really benefit from mindfulness but they probably won't be open to learning it from anyone except you.  

Maybe you know how valuable it would be in your workplace but you don’t have the confidence to guide a group.  

Maybe a client could really use it but you’re uncertain how to provide them with a clear practice.  

Or maybe you just see room for improvement in your own practice and you want more clarity and support.

We believe that any reason for learning to teach is profoundly meaningful and deserves support. 

Because when you learn how to effectively teach, you become a better student. 
Hi, I'm Julianna Raye.

In the nearly two decades I've been teaching meditation to others, one fact has become incredibly clear:  the demand for people with the ability to teach mindfulness skills to others has never been higher.

But although mindfulness is more popular than ever before, there’s a lot of confusion around what it is and how to practice it. That confusion impedes people’s growth through mindfulness practice.
The word “mindfulness” means different things to different people.

As a result, some people feel free to call themselves a mindfulness expert and in the same breath say that they don’t have a meditation practice.

When that happens, the true potential of mindfulness practice gets lost.

So in order to best serve you, we set out to answer three essential questions:
  • How can we meet you with clarity and support at any stage of your mindfulness practice, to help you better understand it and help others to, as well?
  • How can we enhance your ability to teach, regardless of what style or tradition you’ve trained in?
  • How can we help you share meditation as clearly and effectively as possible?
And it's with great pleasure for me to share our answer to these questions with you today by introducing "Foundations of Unified Mindfulness."
The First of 3 Steps in the Unified Mindfulness Teacher Training Certification Program 
Foundations is also...
  • A training program that will teach anyone how to guide individuals and groups in mindfulness meditation
  • Online, interactive and self-paced
  • Designed using the latest research in learning methodologies
  • Built to quickly give you the confidence to share the gift of mindfulness with others
  • Made to provide essential insights and clarity around mindfulness, so you take your own practice deeper in the process
  • Based on a system of meditation that "unifies" all contemplative practices 
  • Created for professionals who want to share mindfulness with others, but not make teaching meditation your main focus
  • How you get a 30-hour Certificate of Completion in Unified Mindfulness Teacher Training
  • A prerequisite should you choose to continue towards fully endorsed U.M. teacher credentialing
Foundations Gives You...
Communicate a subtle and often confusing practice in a way that can be easily understood, increasing the likelihood of success for your clients or group.
The Unified Mindfulness system provides a powerful framework you can lean on, giving you confidence in what you're communicating and the support that you're providing.
Understand your own mindfulness practice from a new perspective as a result of seeing it through the eyes of a teacher. Discovering how to better relate to students will take your own practice deeper.
This approach empowers you as a teacher. Once you understand it, you can offer a wide variety of techniques and speak to the individual needs of anyone you choose to guide.
This training is one of the best online education experiences I’ve ever seen. It is both rigorous and fun, profound and practical as well as accessible and clear. You would be hard pressed to find something better!

See, Hear, Feel is one of the most useful, powerful, and flexible mindfulness methods I know.  

I teach this method to my executive students who then apply it to their business meetings, commutes and other ins-and-outs of their daily lives.  
What they find is they have greater calm, clarity and objectivity to take effective leadership action in chaotic situations.

They are also better able to make more moments productive and worthwhile, when before these moments would have simply been wasted time and energy. 

What thrills me the most is that they discover a previously unappreciated richness, enjoyment and satisfaction that had eluded them. They rediscover and connect to what makes their life meaningful."
~Jeremy Hunter, PhD
Associate Professor Practice
Founding Director
Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management
Executive Mind Leadership Institute
Claremont Graduate University
Foundations Gives The People You Guide...
Significantly improved ability to bounce back from any mental, physical and/or emotional adversity, over time.
The ability to nurture and deepen restful states to discover new levels of peacefulness and tranquility.

The ability to make the most of any situation, deepening their overall fulfillment while reducing suffering or stress.
Conditioned reactions often drain energy. Mindfulness shows them how to pay attention to their experience in a way that gives them greater energy.
It's easy to get pulled around by distractions. Mindfulness enables them to master their attention for greater focus, productivity and presence.
Their healing journey may include various modalities. Mindfulness supports any other therapeutic processes such as psychotherapy, nutrition, personal development, 12 step, etc., increasing their effectiveness.
I have been a student of Shinzen Young since 1986 and considered myself rather well grounded in the techniques and quite able to talk about them.

However, after taking the Unified Mindfulness Foundations Training Course I was able to explain the concepts and the techniques immensely better. Three of the hardest things to achieve in online training are simplicity, clarity and brevity. The Unified Mindfulness Foundations Training Course achieves all three."
     ~Rob R.
...a system of meditation that's easily researchable by science, with clear terminology and rigorous precision around concepts and procedures.

Developed over 50 years by Shinzen Young, U.M. is so precise and dependable that revered institutions like Harvard Medical School, Carnegie Mellon, the University of Vermont and Vanderbilt use it as the basis for their research on meditation and its effects in the realms of neurosciences, psychology, clinical sciences and the overall well being of society.

A direct result of this research and precision is that the process of learning and teaching mindfulness has been thoroughly systemized in a way that makes it accessible to anyone interested. 

The Unified Mindfulness system is a comprehensive, robust and refined support structure that any individual at any stage of meditation practice can rely on to go deeper in their insight and their ability to share it with others.

Unified is also a secular form of meditation, which means it's not religious in any way so anyone, of any faith, can do it.

It brings together the key elements of Eastern contemplative traditions and the technological, scientifically-based practicalities of the West. 

In short, it's the merging of the best of the East with the best of the West.
A certification program for my Unified Mindfulness System has been many years in the making and long awaited. With so many items on my plate, including a possibly game-changing piece of science research, I asked Julianna Raye to design and deliver an official Unified Mindfulness teacher training program. 

I’m delighted with the program she has created, working in concert with senior members of our community and under my continuing oversight. It’s a comprehensive, robust and refined support structure that any individual at any stage of practice can lean on to go deeper in their insight and ability to share mindfulness practice with others.

In my way of thinking, Julianna is ideally qualified for the job of creating teachers who can serve and heal this world. She takes my geek speak and makes it sing."
~Shinzen Young
Why Foundations...
The current paradigm for teaching mindfulness is that depth of experience must come before you start to teach others. 

In other are only able to teach once you have fully realized the journey for yourself. 

And while experience is essential, Unified Mindfulness takes a decidedly different approach. 

We believe that the moment you begin practicing mindfulness you are becoming a teacher. 

You're teaching through an increase in frequency, depth and level of skillful attention. 

You're teaching because once you begin to learn and apply skillful attention, communicating it whether silently or aloud, you’re becoming more aware. You have greater awareness to offer. 

So the question is...

How can you best empower whoever you’re sharing with? 

The Foundations course was designed to answer that question for anyone at any stage of mindfulness practice.
Let's Take A Closer Look At Foundations
Foundations is a 100% online and interactive learning experience.  You will learn how to guide either a group or an individual in mindfulness meditation by mastering the "Ten Tasks of Teaching Mindfulness."

The training is made up of 32 individual sections each with its own video and an online quiz or journal exercise designed to strengthen and reinforce your retention of each segment.

Built using the latest research on learning methodologies and delivered on our state-of-the-art learning platform, Foundations is a comprehensive and tested training program designed for the modern student.
Here's the Complete Foundations Curriculum:
I. Teaching Mindfulness to a Group
1. Helping Students Discover Their Motivation
2. Inspiring Students Through Your Own Story
3. Setting the Stage - Illustrating How Practice Works
4. What Is & Why Unified Mindfulness
5. Making Practice Easy Through Demonstration
6. Reaching an Understanding with Your Students
7. Guiding the “See, Hear, Feel” Technique
8. Fielding Common Questions & Reports
9. Addressing Sleepiness, Boredom & Other Frequent Issues
10. Defining the Core Skills of Mindfulness
11. Helping Compulsive Thinking & Other Common Challenges
12. The Space of See, Hear, Feel, & Restful States
13. Guiding the “See, Hear, Feel” Technique with Restful States
14. Discovering the Question Hidden in a Student’s Report
15. Teaching Tips for Consistent Practice
II. The Ten Tasks of Teaching Mindfulness
1. Motivate Students to Practice
2. Introduce Concepts When Students Need Them
3. Explain How to Meditate
4. Demonstrate and Have the Student Demonstrate
5. Leading a Guided Mindfulness Meditation
         Part A: Leading a Group Mindfulness Meditation  
         Part B: Leading an Individual Guided Mindfulness Meditation
6. Check Understanding
7. Ask and Answer Questions
         Part A 
         Part B  
8. Get Support When Needed
9. Quick Start
10. Deepening Practice
III. Teaching Mindfulness to Individuals
1. Motivate the Student and Draw Out Reports - Beginning student
2. Motivate the Student and Draw Out Reports - Experienced student
3. Guiding a Meditation (Tour of the Senses)
4. Answering Questions and Offering Guidance
5. Demonstrate and Have Student Do the See, Hear, Feel Technique  
III. Teaching Mindfulness to Individuals
  “Group Agenda & Lesson Plan” for a Mindfulness Workshop
  “The Quickstart” Video and Guide
  “Ten Tasks of Teaching Mindfulness” Guide
  “The Most Common Questions about “See, Hear, Feel” Guide
I have recently gone through the entire Unified Mindfulness Foundations course for teaching See-Hear-Feel and can say without hesitation that it is excellent. I really like the content, pedagogy, layout, production and love Julianna as a teacher.

If you are interested in learning to teach See-Hear-Feel in a "note everything" style, if you want to deepen your understanding and practice in this area, or if you are a current facilitator who wants to review and fine tune how you can teach this, I highly recommend this Foundations course. 

I'm most grateful Julianna decided to take the facilitator training on and kudos to the entire consulting and production team - I'm very impressed."
 ~Har-Prakash Khalsa
Kundalini yoga teacher and senior trainer of Unified Mindfulness
Ready For A Sneak Peek?
Here's a short clip from the group training to give you a feel for how the videos are presented.
New to Unified Mindfulness?
We know that many people who start the Foundations training will not be familiar with Unified Mindfulness or might even be new to meditation in general.

If that's you, don't worry because we've got you covered.

Also included in the Foundations course is our "CORE" training program.  
This interactive, 10-video course is the perfect introduction to the concepts of the Unified Mindfulness system, so you get up to speed quickly with the basics of mindfulness meditation.

And to help support you as you guide others, we'll give you this CORE training to share with your students - free - so you can bring them up to speed quickly too.
Your Certificate of Completion
Foundations is hosted on our state-of-the-art learning platform, so you can access the training from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone - 24/7.

The learning platform will also save your place in the training, so when you leave and come back, you will resume precisely where you left off.

Your progress is also tracked and when you finish 100% of the Foundations course, you'll receive a certificate of completion acknowledging 30 hours of training in the Unified Mindfulness Teacher Training Program.
We feel it's important to stress what the Foundations training IS NOT...
 It's not an advanced certification in teaching mindfulness
 It's not an automatic endorsement of you as a teacher
 It's not a magic pill that instantly makes you a seasoned mindfulness teacher
But Foundations IS the first step in the Official UM Teacher Certification program.  So should you choose to continue your journey towards full certification, Foundations is a prerequisite.

Foundations is a first-of-it's-kind virtual training that empowers anyone, regardless of your meditation or mindfulness experience, to lead either a group or an individual in mindfulness meditation…

...while taking you deeper in your own practice.
In my lab we study the effects of mindfulness meditation on stress and health, and we consistently turn toward using Shinzen’s Unified Mindfulness system in our studies for one simple reason, it works.

I personally have been using Unified Mindfulness techniques in my daily practice for several years, I find they are clear and powerful. This approach will change your life, try it and you will see."
 ~Dr. David Creswell
Director of Health and Human Performance Laboratory & Associate Professor of Psychology
Carnegie Mellon University
”If you want to master something, teach it.”
As Part Of The Inaugural Group...
Although we are finally making Foundations available to everyone, the training and the learning platform have been in beta testing for months to make sure you absolutely love this training. (Based on responses, we know you will!)

And now we are ready to share it with the world.

So to provide you with as much support as possible and to reward you for taking this next step in your mindfulness journey, we put together a special "inaugural" group bonus package that will be available during this initial launch period.

We need to "close" this initial launch because we are hosting a special, one-time-only online event for all new Foundations participants.  

The  "Foundations Kick-Start" is a live webinar to answer all of your questions about Foundations, your own mindfulness practice and teaching others.  It's going to be an amazing meet-and-greet, so join us!

But in addition to the Kick-Start...
You're Getting Inaugural Bonuses!
Bonus #1
12 Months FREE in the Unified Mindfulness Support Group
As the official teacher training platform for Unified Mindfulness, we have a very unique opportunity to provide a private support environment where students, teachers-in-training and senior facilitators come together to help and support each other.

It's a place to learn, share and deepen your own practice...while you gain confidence teaching others, 24/7.
The support group also has new guided meditation sessions every day.  Named the "Daily 10" these live-streamed, guided meditation videos are a great prompt for daily practice while introducing you to new techniques that you can incorporate into your practice. (The Daily 10 is a huge hit with support group members!)

The Unified Mindfulness support group also meets once a month for a live group call.  This monthly call consists of a guided meditation, followed by a Live Question & Answer session so that you can get your questions, concerns or thoughts addressed live.

Current support group members pay $37 a month to be in this one-of-a-kind group, so 12 free months is a $444 value....but it's included free when you start Foundations during our inaugural launch period.
The content of this training changed my life, from performing more effectively at work to experiencing the world more fully…through love, relationships, and outlook toward life.  I feel lucky to have this quality of training delivered to me wherever and whenever I want.

The support group helps me to build on the foundations training, making it easy to continue to learn and grow through daily 10-minute guided meditations, answers to my questions from knowledgeable teachers, and ongoing conversations."
     ~Mitzi L.
Bonus #2
Ten "Deepen Your Practice Packs"
I'm fortunate enough to train people around the world, and we come together on conference calls for immersive training. 

These ten practice packs are a series of mini-retreats that I led on these calls.  

Each of these calls are 2-3 hours long with Q&A and are downloadable mp3's, so you can play them on any device you want, at anytime, anywhere!

Each practice pack focuses on a particular technique, so you get to immerse yourself in that technique: say "nurturing positivity" for example.
These practice packs are a fun and powerful way to deepen your own mindfulness practice.

Because whether you intend to teach others or not, we're always trying to take our practices deeper, right?  

The participants of these immersive training sessions paid $20 to attend each call, making the "Deepen Your Practice Packs" bonus a $200 value (and a LOT of fun!)
Bonus #3
Live Group Training With Shinzen Young
And saving the BEST for last...(we're very excited to be able to share this bonus with you!)

Everyone who starts Foundations during this "inaugural" period will be invited to join a live group training call with Shinzen.

Connect straight to the source and interact directly with Shinzen during the live Q&A portion of the session.

Shinzen will share some of his wisdom around the Foundations training and the Unified Mindfulness system.

The entire event will be recorded so you can download it and listen to it whenever, wherever you like.
This a rare opportunity to interact directly with Shinzen Young and a perfect way to begin your Foundations training.  This live group training with Shinzen is only available during this inaugural period and is included as a free bonus. But anyone who has ever trained with Shinzen knows that the value of his training is literally priceless.
Psychotherapists, Addiction Counselors, Social Workers and other Mental Health Professionals.
Give your clients a powerful mindfulness practice for emotional regulation, stress reduction, behavior change and other scientifically proven health benefits
Life Coaches, Mentors and Group Trainers
Offer this essential mindset tool to further develop, empower and support your clients in their personal and professional growth
Yoga Instructors
Weave mindfulness into your instructions or offer it at the end of class to enhance and deepen your students' practice
Teachers, Professors and Other Education Professionals
Give students the life changing practice of mindfulness to enhance focus, heighten creativity, improve interactions and reduce anxiety
Managers and Team Leaders
Empower your team with mindfulness for increased engagement, focus, productivity, emotional intelligence and morale
Performance Coaches and Athletic Trainers 
Bring mindfulness into your box!  There's a reason top sports teams such as the Seattle Seahawks and the New York Knicks use mindfulness training for their athletes - it works.
Have we sparked any ideas for you about people you could introduce mindfulness to? Maybe a group you belong to like a hiking club or a professionals group open to personal development?
The information in this training course is clear and well presented. 

I have been teaching students for some time now, but this training course gave me many more tools and understanding on how to guide others. This course gave me way more structure that I needed as a teacher. 

It is not only a guide for teachers, but a guide to better your own daily practice. Guaranteed to bring new insights to your understanding of mindfulness. Highly recommended!"
     ~Juan A.
So What's The Investment?
The Foundations training is 50 years in the making and it took over a year to create.

It's designed so you can lead others, not just to enhance your own business but also so that you can share the gift of mindfulness with everyone around you.

And since our mission here at Unified Mindfulness is to do everything in our power to expand the reach of mindfulness throughout the world by training competent and qualified teachers, Foundations is priced during this inaugural period at just $497.00.

That makes this unique training accessible to anyone who wants to skillfully share mindfulness with others.

But to be completely transparent with you...we're offering this limited-time pricing in honor of the tireless support we've received from the Unified Mindfulness community for literally decades.   

Once this inaugural period closes the cost of Foundations will be going up, so please don't miss this one-time-only pricing.
And Our Guarantee...
It goes without saying that our community fully stands behind the Foundations training to honor Shinzen's work in developing the Unified Mindfulness system.

We also acknowledge and honor your commitment to "do the work" necessary to help share the gift of mindfulness with others. 

So we guarantee that you're either fully satisfied, head-over-heels thrilled with the Foundations training or just contact us and we'll give you a full, no-questions-asked refund in your first 30 days.

So try it.  You have absolutely nothing to risk by starting Foundations today.
Nurses have a mantra - Observe One, Do One, Teach One. I've been struggling with this idea of Mindfulness and how to intertwine it with my daily practice for the last two years.

This is the BEST money I've spent this year. I'm only a couple modules into the training and it's badass. For me, learning to "Teach" something is the best way for me to "Learn" something. So glad I purchased this training :-)"
     ~Scott G.
Let's Recap...
Start "Foundations of Unified Mindfulness" during our inaugural launch period and get...
The "Foundations of Unified Mindfulness Training
*Special Inaugural Pricing
PLUS These Bonuses!
"Kick-Start Foundations" Live Webinar...One-Time-Only Event!
Unified Mindfulness Private Support Group.......$444
*12 Months @ $37 per month - FREE!
Ten "Deepen Your Practice" Packs............$200
*10 @ $20 Each 
Private Group Training With Shinzen.....Priceless
 Single Payment of $497
3-Payments of $197
Special Inaugural Pricing
I had quite an interesting experience over the weekend at the march in Washington. As background, I do not like crowds and at under 5" I can get quite claustrophobic. I knew going in that this could be a challenge, so I decided to use it as an opportunity to practice.

At one point my little group got completely stopped, unable to move in any direction at all. There was no body space between us. As they say, we were packed in "like sardines." 

People were talking about the real risk of trampling and there was nothing we could do. There were people in the trees lining Independence Ave and they could see no way out because the streets were still barricaded from the inauguration. We were there, stuck, for nearly two hours until work crews could open up routes to the Mall.

At one point a woman beside me became quite anxious and I asked her if she would allow me to help. She agreed. I decided to choose "see" since that seemed most available. We started up close, and I asked "what do you see?" Together we focused on jewelry, as specific colors (pink!), signs, buildings, trees. She calmed down and that brought everybody's anxiety down too.

I also shared the technique of imagining a smile (Thich That Han calls this "smile yoga) with my girlfriends, and it truly brought us peace so that we could focus on the love, unity, and incredibly powerful experience we were part of. 
I doubt I would have had the courage to offer assistance had I not been engaged with this course, even though I've been meditating for a while. It was the See-Hear-Feel technique that gave me the tools I needed. Thank you!!
     ~Sarah A.   
Here's What To Do Now...
If you're ready to share the gift of mindfulness with the people in your life AND take your own practice deeper, then I urge you to start the Foundations training today while the inaugural bonuses are still available.

(Getting 12 months in the private Unified Mindfulness Support Group basically makes the Foundations training free!)

So please take the next step and get started before the bonuses are gone.

You will create your username and password for the Foundations program when you checkout, so you'll be able to sign in and begin the training as soon as you're checkout is complete!

30 seconds from now you can be starting your new journey deeper into Unified Mindfulness.

And as soon as you join Foundations, we'll send you a welcome email with detailed instructions on exactly what to do to get started with the training.

We'll also contact you within 24 hours to set up your access to the Unified Mindfulness Private Support Group.

So if you're still reading this...then go ahead and try it!  (This page is LONG so Foundations must be resonating with you on some level.)

We couldn't be more excited to offer this training to you today and look forward to welcoming you into the Unified Mindfulness community.

In gratitude,

Julianna Raye
Foundations empowers anyone, regardless of your meditation or mindfulness experience, to lead either a group or an individual in mindfulness meditation…

…while taking you deeper in your own practice.
Frequently Asked Questions
 How Much Is It?
The inaugural price for Foundations in a one-time payment of $497.00 which includes over $600 in free bonuses.
 How Do I Access Foundations?
You can sign in to our learning platform by clicking here or by visiting:
How Do I Contact Support
Click here to visit our support desk or send an email to support (at)
How Long Does It Take to Get Started?
You'll create your username and password during checkout, so you can start Foundations immediately!
How Long Do I Have to Complete the Training?
There's no time limit to complete Foundations. You will have permanent online access to the training so that you can take it at a pace that works for you! Permanent access also means that you'll always be able to go back to specific modules or videos to refresh or reinforce concepts and techniques.

Is There a Guarantee?
Of Course!  You're either 100%, head-over-heels thrilled with the Foundations training or just contact us and we'll give you a full, no-questions-asked refund in your first 30 days.
 How Do I Access the Bonuses?
Within 24 hours of joining the Foundations training, we will contact you to set up your access to the Unified Mindfulness support group.  

Your "Deepen Your Practice" packs will also be loaded into your training dashboard.  And finally, as soon as we schedule the live "Kick-Start" call and the live group training with Shinzen we will let you know!
Do You Send Me Anything in the Mail?
No. This interactive training program is 100% online.  Foundations is hosted on our state-of-the-art learning management system (LMS), so you can access the training from desktop, laptop, tablet or phone - 24/7.  The LMS will even save your place in the training, so when you leave and come back, you will resume right where you left off!