Diane Hubner

Diane has more than 40 years experience working with individual and groups to achieve optimum health and well being through mindfulness, life coaching, massage and reflexology. Diane enjoys incorporating all of these modalities into one powerful session or working with whatever the client chooses. She enjoys working one on one or in groups and particularly likes working in a retreat like environments. Diane has been trained  by Shinzen Young and incorporates his Unified Mindfulness approach.

Diane has worked more than 7 years at weSpark Cancer Support Center  (www.wespark.org) working with guests in all stages of Cancer treatment. I\She finds great satisfaction in being able to hold the space and be with a person as they die.

An avid sailor, Diane has been known to coordinate a day of Mindfulness on the water teaching the skills of mindfulness while sailing. When not working Diane enjoys kayaking, meditating,  hiking and hanging with her therapy dog Zeus.

Since beginning a serious meditation practice with Shinzen, life has been transformed on so many levels.

Nina Hubner website: www.bodyenergizers.net