Daron Larson

Daron Larson helps people feel more at home in their lives by training their attention. By comparing mindfulness to physical exercise, he helps people develop a sustainable practice.

Stress steered him into a silent meditation retreat in October 2002, and he’s been practicing daily ever since. He continues to be surprised by how many aspects of training the body also apply to training attention.

He has attended retreats led by Shinzen Young regularly since 2003, and has participated in neuroscience research projects related to the Unified Mindfulness framework.

Shinzen’s multi-sensory approach to investigating the components of subjectivity with greater objectivity continues to fascinate Daron, providing a rich variety of ways to cross train attentional skills and cultivate emotional warmth.

He’s discovered – in his own life and the lives of his students – that exercising these capacities can lead to feeling more at home in the messiness of real life.

Daron Larson page: www.about.me/daronlarson

Attentional Fitness Training: www.athomeinyourlife.com

Don’t Try to Be Mindful (my TEDx talk): www.youtu.be/Ze6t34_p-84

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