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We Invite You to the Last Stage of the Unified Mindfulness Teacher Certification Program.

Join Us for a Year-Long, Immersive Training that's Unlike Anything You've Experienced Before...

and Become a Fully Certified Unified Mindfulness Teacher/Trainer.

The (C4) Q&A Call Replay

Recorded May 2, 2024

The Compass Teacher Training is a year-long program for graduates of Pathways. 
You can think of Compass as similar to a master’s degree in which you master your field of study.  The Compass Training is distinguished by its unusual degree of personal supervision and support, as well as by an emphasis on professional mastery. Over the course of a year, you will take a profound, rewarding, and even fun journey to becoming a Lead Coach and ultimately a Unified Mindfulness Trainer/Teacher.

The Two Phases of the Compass Teacher Training

In Phase 1, you will deepen your own mindfulness practice and gain greater mastery of Unified Mindfulness terms and concepts, both of which will enhance your coaching ability. 
As you clarify your own experience, you’ll be honing your ability to skillfully interpret student reports, which not only deepens your appreciation for the subtleties in their experience but also in your own. You’ll have a robust framework through which to better identify both insights and challenges with greater clarity and precision, as well as to offer more impactful, precise, and comprehensive suggestions and solutions.
You’ll participate in five Half-Day Sessions. In four of the Half-Day Sessions, you’ll be paired with one other student in a dyad for personalized support and attention in an hour-long mentored session. In one of the Half-Day Sessions, you’ll deliver a 20-minute talk. 
This first phase of Compass begins with a Half-Day empathy training and includes weekly study group meetings and daily sits. Upon successful completion of the private, one-on-one, hour-long assessment for Phase 1 of Compass, you’ll be designated a certified Unified Mindfulness Lead Coach, which also makes you eligible to lead or coach Pathways and to deliver UM Group Coaching classes and Day-Long Retreats.
During Phase 2 of the Compass Teacher Training, you will master ULTRA and the Happiness Grid, while learning the design principles behind any robust mindfulness technique. You’ll also learn to build successful long-term, one-on-one client relationships. You and one other student will have five private mentored sessions where you receive support and feedback as you role play working in depth with a client. You’ll also learn to teach several more subtle UM techniques (such as Expansion/Contraction). Phase 2 of Compass also includes a Half-Day Trauma Sensitivity Workshop. 
To become a certified Unified Mindfulness Teacher/Trainer, you'll complete the curriculum, take the hour-long private, one-on-one Assessment at the end of Phase 2, and complete a week-long retreat, or its equivalent within the previous two years (this can include Immersion and weekend and day-long programs through UM Group Coaching, and/or the Home Practice Program - HPP).

What is the Compass program and what will it do for you?

Deepening Insight

Compass deepens your ability to recognize and integrate insight and to help others do so as well. In Phase 1, you’ll master the ability to interpret experiential reports and understand your range of options for providing full responses to your students. Phase 2 emphasizes the more subtle, deeper aspects of insight for both you and your clients.

Personalized Support

Your training and progress will be closely supported through personalized attention from lead teachers and mentors, who will help nurture your strengths and help you address your challenges.


After Phase 1, you’ll be eligible for paid roles in the community such as Pathways Lead or Coach, delivering a UM live class, or leading a day-long retreat. Beyond that, you’ll have an adaptability and clarity about practice that positions you for greater opportunity in the field. After Phase 2, you’ll be designated a fully certified UM Teacher/Trainer, eligible for one-on-one referrals

Expertise & Excellence

Upon completion of the Compass Teacher Training, you’ll have an understanding of the mechanics of mindfulness techniques, virtually unlimited technique and strategy options, and an ability to interpret and respond to reports that is incomparably clearer than most other professional mindfulness teachers.


You’ll learn to break the code of any report - no matter how vague, complex, or intense - and to provide deeply informed responses. Through Phase 2, you’ll also understand the principles of robust technique creation as well as the complete system of Unified Mindfulness and resources such as the Happiness Grid. With the clarity you gain, you’ll be able to analyze any approach to meditation, enhancing your ability to serve your students, clients, and the field in general.

Professional Client Relationships

In Phase 2, you’ll learn how to work with individual clients in a long-term coaching relationship, including the professional aspects of the relationship as well as nuances such as how to be client-centered while also steering the client toward deeper insight. 

Creative Expression

As you master the Unified mindfulness approach, you’ll increasingly apply your unique voice and perspective to delivering training to your students.

How does Compass compare to other mindfulness teacher certification programs?

Of course, there are other excellent mindfulness teacher training programs. The following list helps to show how the Compass program is similar to and different from other comparable programs.

Compass has a clear, fixed cost.

Other programs often have added costs such as an assessment fee, mentoring fees, travel costs, accommodations, food, and workshop or retreat fees, etc. This can make it difficult to determine just from their registration pages, the total cost of some programs.

Compass emphasizes interaction and feedback with a focus on personalized supervision and active learning.

Other programs often have limited supervision and a lot of passive learning. Even live classes may be lecture style and some programs use a lot of pre-recorded videos in lieu of live class time.

Compass has a practical, experiential focus that prepares you for work in the field.

Other programs often have more of an academic focus which, while valuable, is less practical.

Compass uses evidence-based learning methods to train teachers.

In other programs, research on effective learning methods is often not even mentioned in their curriculum.

Compass trains you to teach programs that can adapt to the audience and emphasizes techniques that you can use in groups or with individuals in various specific settings and situations, or with varied objectives.

Some other programs train you to teach a course in a way that requires rigid adherence to lesson plans that outline the content of every class session. The class you learn to teach may not lend itself to individualized training and may not have been significantly revised for decades.

Compass gives you a rigorous, comprehensive model for understanding the mechanics of mindfulness and the entire field of contemplative practice, which you can apply to all meditation/mindfulness approaches.

Other programs don’t have a similarly comprehensive model or way to understand the mechanics of mindfulness/meditation. They may specialize in a particular methodology or may not have the same degree of rigor, which can result in a lack of clarity among their graduates.

Compass trains you to be an adaptive expert who can respond effectively in unexpected or changing situations.

Other programs typically teach you how to deliver a set, narrow curriculum in a standardized way.

Compass trains you how to teach groups as well as work one-on-one with individuals over the long term.

Often, other programs only train their teachers to teach groups.

Extensive research shows that Compass is unquestionably and by far the most humorous of all mindfulness teacher training programs.

We can't speak for other programs, but we can say that anyone who has arrived on this page is already a meaningful part of the UM community. We're looking forward to an extraordinary year together rich with learning, insight, and joy. 🙂

The Investment

We've done everything we can to keep the cost down for Compass. And in complete transparency, we are continuously refining the program with an eye on finding ways to trim the cost without sacrificing the personalized supervision and experiential learning that people have come to know, love, and expect through the Pathways program.
We also looked at creative ways to make participation in this program accessible to as many people as possible, so we came up with a few options.
First and foremost, we'd like to highlight that Compass is a one-year program, split into two distinct phases. Our intention for this program is to certify UM Teachers/Trainers, and to do that, you must complete both phases.  
So as you register for C4, please note that we do not offer Phase 1 and Phase 2 as stand-alone offerings.  You are committing to the full year of the program.  
The cost for the full, year-long Compass training, paid in full is $6,900.
We are planning to limit the cohort size of (C4) to keep this an intimate and rich experience for everyone involved. 
 So we're accepting enrollment in the cohort via a $1,000 deposit, and seats will be saved based in the order that deposits are received.
We realize that many will need a payment plan, so the final cost with the 12 monthly payment plan is $7,588 (more details on that below).

That's a lot of information! So to recap, here are four options:

Full Year Compass Program

Full Payment: $6,900

(this includes the $1,000 deposit and both the half-year and year-end assessments)
Full Year Compass Program

3 Payments: $7,100 

(this includes the $1,000 deposit, payments of $2,033 @ 0, 60, and 120 days from the start of the class, and both the half-year and year-end assessments)
Full Year Compass Program

12 Monthly Payments: $7,588

(this includes the $1,000 deposit, 12 monthly payments of $549 and both the half-year and year-end assessments)
Full Year Compass Program

Taking Phase 1 only: TBD 

We currently do not offer Phase 1 and Phase 2 as stand-alone offerings.  If there are extenuating circumstances, we may approve participation in just Phase 1 of Compass on a case-by-case basis.
Have questions before you register? Email the support desk to schedule a time to chat.

The Compass Refund Policy

Your $1,000 Compass deposit is fully refundable up until three weeks before the first class. After this date, this deposit can be used as credit towards any UM program. Your remaining Compass registration fee is refundable up until the start of the first class, after which it is nonrefundable. In the event of extenuating circumstances, please contact the UM support desk.

UM CEO and Head Trainer, Julianna Raye, will serve as special consultant and guest mentor for C4

Julianna Raye

Through your year in the Compass, Julianna will conduct special one hour Masterclass sessions for your cohort on a wide range of coach-related topics.
As CEO and Head Trainer of Unified Mindfulness, Julianna is devoted to deepening people’s understanding of research-supported mindfulness and empowering anyone to guide others in its practice.
With more than 150 weeks of immersive, silent training in both the mindfulness and Zen traditions, Julianna has completed over 20,000 hours of formal practice.

Don McCormick, Ph.D.

Don is the Director of Education at Unified Mindfulness.
Shortly after completing his Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior at Case Western Reserve University in 1985, Don began studying mindfulness with Shinzen Young.
He's a pioneer in the fields of workplace mindfulness, critical management studies, religious diversity in the workplace and spirituality in the workplace.
He is particularly excited about using scientifically supported teaching methods in the Compass program and sharing them with you throughout the training.

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Feedback from Compass Alumni

Question:  "What are you getting out of Compass that you didn't expect?"

Bredalyn -  "...has just really deepened my understanding beyond anything I would've imagined..."

Rebecca - " of the coolest things I've ever done in my entire life, and I've already helped a lot of my friends and former colleagues be better at what they're trying to do."

Purple - "...even if you never dip your toes into the water of coaching professionally, the resource of the community is absolutley invaluable..." (P.S. Purple got an A+ :-)

Jade - "...I am just so addicted to the dyads process...

Sharon - "I'm very shy, but there's a place for me in the program, and that I've absorbed and worked so diligently to build my skills, and the growth has been phenomenal..."

Sita - " own practice...has deepened so much..."

Janis (from the future!) - " growth as a person and as a professional has just skyrocketed just from spending this year in this program..."

Compass FAQ’s


What's After Compass?

Interested in Creating Your Own Unique Offering?

Tentatively Scheduled to Launch TBD

Innovate is a half-year program where UM helps newly designated UM Trainers/Teachers develop a unique contribution to the field of mindfulness. It could be a new program, a publication, research, or some other project.
Innovate is an optional program beyond the teacher training and is more like a doctoral program, in which we provide a framework for and support your creation of a unique program based on your specific interests and area of expertise.
You’ll learn from guests who have written books or developed mindfulness programs for major corporations and other specialized audiences (e.g., athletes). 
Using the process that kicked off the field of design thinking, and riding on the momentum of your insights from Compass, you’ll develop your own project, which you will workshop monthly until your final showcase. Given the uniqueness of the Unified Mindfulness approach, to our knowledge, there is no other program like this in the field of mindfulness.
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