Campbell Miller

Austin, Texas, USA
Unified Mindfulness L2 Coach

I empower overachieving perfectionists with skills to dance through everyday life with balance, flow, and freedom. My mission is to help you dance with your life, rather than against it!


As an Embodied Mindfulness coach, I emphasize the connection between your body, mind, behavioral conditioning, and stress patterns. I collaborate with each client to design creative practices personalized to you so that you can gracefully embrace challenges and dynamically engage with everyday experiences.


Having studied both Computer Science and Dance at Stanford University, I bring an analytical mind and awareness of the body to my mindfulness practice. I love to experiment with how to incorporate strategies from UM’s research-supported system into the movement of my day. Some of my favorite practice times are hiking with my golden retriever and dancing Argentine Tango!


Anxiety used to be my norm. After experiencing several panic attacks, I dedicated myself to practicing mindfulness and learned how to rewire my relationship with anxiety. I now feel much calmer during stressful situations, and I discovered a freedom I never knew was possible.


While recovering from a concussion, my mindfulness practice supported me in navigating the headaches and heartaches of a healing journey with an unknown timeline. I’ve learned how to slow down and savor simplicity, and I’ve become a happier, healthier version of myself.

My approach to coaching is inspired by trainings in Unified Mindfulness, Trauma-Informed Yoga, Breathing, Self-Massage, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Body Awareness, Dance, and Behavior Change. 


My clients report breakthroughs in nurturing their physical and mental health, relationships, and passions with more focus and less stress. They appreciate my patience and compassion as I invite them to practice with curiosity and provide accountability for creating new healthy habits.