Brent Purple Oliver

Lexington, KY

Unified Mindfulness L² Coach

Brent Purple Oliver is a colorful mindfulness coach, speaker, and award-eligible writer from Lexington, KY. He’s known for his bold, straightforward approach spiced with plenty of humor, curiosity, and skepticism. You won’t find him to be much of a dewey-eyed soul whisperer; instead, he emphasizes the art and science that make modern mindfulness such a powerful tool.

His meditative journey began in 1996 with Buddhism, which probably saved his life, pathetic as it was at the time. For many years, he studied and practiced within various traditional approaches before realizing no single tradition could possibly contain him. He asked a lot of awkward questions, made tons of mistakes, and was asked to leave some very nice places. Over more than two decades, his path has evolved into cutting-edge contemplative cross training with Shinzen Young’s teachings at the core.

After seeing the massive decrease in his own suffering, Brent – or Purple, as he’s usually known – became determined to help others alleviate their own distress and discover peace and authenticity. Becoming a coach in the UM system has let him to do just that. Even more, it’s allowed him to become part of the mindfulness revolution, helping spread this universal, accessible method of practice that has such enormous potential to raise human happiness.

Purple works with individual clients to custom-tailor techniques based on their specific goals and aptitudes. He also brings mindfulness to schools, businesses, or any group interested in its many benefits. One of his greatest strengths is a freakish versatility that makes him equally skilled at addressing boardrooms, living rooms, and classrooms. To learn more about him and what he offers, please visit his website at