Bob Chiang

Bob Chiang

Buxton, Derbyshire, UK

Unified Mindfulness L² Coach

I live in the United Kingdom and have always been interested in spirituality.

I was born in Singapore, with its Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, and Christianity. At age 7, I moved to Kuwait, which is a predominantly Islamic country. In fact, my mother converted, culturally, to Islam.

I spent my teenage years in Scotland and moved to England in my late teens.

The United Kingdom is diverse, but historically is quite Christian. I was more or less left to my own devices while being exposed to all of this – and these different faiths and beliefs all sounded quite similar to me at a deeper level. This triggered a quest and my journey took me through meeting amazing people and lived in a spiritual community for about 7 years.

Meditation has been a natural part of this search. Meditation was just one of the things on the ‘checklist’ of spirituality. I came across Shinzen’s work thanks to Har-Prakash’s Youtube channel in 2011.

When I learned about the Home Practice Program, at first I was skeptical. I thought, Mindfulness through a phone?! No way! But it worked, and the rest is history.

Martial arts have also played a big role in my life. When I was five or six, my mom took me to a kung fu class. It was traditional style and very strict and you got whacked with a bamboo stick if your posture was out of place. In my teens, I chose to learn Tai Chi, and my love for martial arts grew from there. I’ve studied Chinese martial arts, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Kickboxing, and MMA.

I’m currently self-employed as a gardener and mindfulness teacher, along with caring for my family. In my “spare time,” I’m also a Tai Chi instructor and bodyworker focusing on deep tissue massage. All of these bring me fulfillment. If money was no object, then I would definitely make mindfulness my main focus, but I would have the gardening, the Tai Chi, and the massage work peppered around the mindfulness.

I feel an affinity with nature and being outdoors, gardening speaks to me deeply and I’m drawn to the beauty and simplicity of pagan beliefs. Teaching Tai Chi allows me to see the benefits it brings people with movement and enjoying the body. Massage means being able to attune not just with my body but with another person’s body–and being able to alleviate any tension they might have so they feel better afterwards.

I’m also active with a group of Shinzen’s facilitators located in Europe. I hold a monthly conference which is attended by people who teach Shinzen’s system and facilitators. We meet up and exchange information on what we’re currently doing. Basically, I just hold the space for people to gather. Each person brings a wealth of information with their different specialties, allowing us each to gain insights into and ideas for our own teaching.