Arun Gopal

Orange County, CA, USA
Unified Mindfulness L2 Coach

Hi Everyone ! I am Arun Gopal from Southern California. My journey into meditation started when I was around 15 years old. I started meditating primarily to improve my concentration and memory so that I could get better grades ! That did happen so it motivated me to keep practicing and to explore different systems to see what else meditation could do for me.


When I moved to the USA, I was exposed to a whole new range of modalities that combined eastern meditation techniques with western psychology that really made sense to me. In was in one of these explorations few years ago that I happened to come across Unified Mindfulness. My first impression of this system was not good. I felt it was too wordy, too many categories and too much of new terms and definitions. So I moved on to other modalities but I kept getting drawn back to UM again and again. Finally I gave in and I found myself taking the Foundations teacher training course from Unified Mindfulness. Once I started exploring this system in depth, I was amazed at its precision, at its flexibility and how easy it was to bring the practice into your daily life. I went further to take the Level 2 Pathways training and that made a lot of difference to the way I viewed mindfulness personally as well as how I viewed it as a teacher.


In my own personal life, I had been through so much unnecessary suffering, I couldn’t enjoy life even when things were going good ! One of my main motivation in exploring different modalities was to see how I could solve this. This system has made a great deal of difference in this regard and I would like to share this system with you in the hope that it would help you too. Please drop me an email at arunkg77 (AT) if you would like to work with me !


My email id: arunkg77 (AT)