Why Meditate?
Join Us And Get Inspired By Over 70 Very Personal Stories Detailing How Meditation Practice Is Transforming Lives, Communities And The World... 
Then immerse yourself in the FIRST-EVER, LIVE, 5-Day Online Meditation Retreat led by top Unified Mindfulness Teachers and Coaches, including Shinzen Young himself...100% Free.
Take a deep-dive into the Unified Mindfulness system and discover how its precise, algorithmic design can transform your meditation practice, while connecting with a worldwide community of people dedicated to bringing lasting change to the world.
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Come celebrate this life-changing practice.  Leave with a new set of skills that can transform the way you feel, work, play, love and serve others...
What's In It For You?
The Road To Enlightenment Has Potholes, Detours and Dead-Ends...
The World Needs the Best You, Now More Than Ever
Why do you meditate?

Or if you've never tried, what are you hoping that meditation will help you do?

People usually turn to mindfulness practice initially to achieve one of five main goals:
1.  To reduce your physical or emotional suffering

2.  To increase your physical or emotional fulfillment

3.  To gain a deeper knowledge of who you are and what your purpose is

4.  To act skillfully and/or positive behavior change

5. To increase your spirit of love and service towards others
Actually, it could be a few (or all) of these, but which of these is personally most important to you right now?

And these are just starting points to practice

When you understand clearly how mindfulness directly relates to what matters most to you, that will help you stay motivated and inspired to practice

If we could give you a precise, step-by-step plan that would guide you to this goal, would you be interested?

The answer is always YES! 

Or if you've never tried, what are you hoping that meditation will help you do?

We believe that the reason people turn to this life-changing practice initially for one (or more) of five main reasons:

We're living during the most transformational time in the history of humankind.   And with great change, comes the risk of turmoil and chaos.  But it also brings with it the opportunity for exponential growth by helping us understand who we are, 
Why do you meditate?

Or if you've never tried, what are you hoping that meditation will help you do?

We believe that the reason people turn to this life-changing practice initially for one (or more) of five main reasons:

We're living during the most transformational time in the history of humankind.   And with great change, comes the risk of turmoil and chaos.  But it also brings with it the opportunity for exponential growth by helping us understand who we are, 
What Is Immersion?
You've no doubt heard about the endless ways meditation can improve your life. New research comes out almost daily supporting ways meditation practice helps with stress, chronic pain, optimizing performance, increasing happiness and well-being, addiction recovery, depression, improving relationships and numerous other life-changing outcomes.

But it's often hard to view these benefits in a personal way and make it directly relatable to your own life. 

So instead of listing all the benefits and telling you the ways meditation can improve your life, we decided to do something different. 

We've invited over 70 of the world's top thought leaders, neuroscientists, researchers, business leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, coaches, best-selling authors, meditation teachers and more to share their stories of what prompted them to start meditating and how this very private practice transformed their personal and professional lives...and the lives of the people around them. 

We hope that some of these stories will resonate with you in meaningful ways and inspire you to start or deepen your own meditation practice. 
And Then We Decided To Take It A Step Further
While it's great to be inspired, it's even better to channel that inspiration into action.

So during Immersion 2019, we're also hosting a live, 5-day online meditation retreat, led by top Unified Mindfulness teachers and coaches. 

This is not a scaled-back version of an in-person retreat. We're talking a 12-hours-a-day-for-5-straight-days full, live-streamed mindfulness retreat via video conferencing.  

That's 60 hours of meditation training over 5 days. 

We'll also have special breakout rooms for live Q&A and specialized program offerings including mindful eating, mindfulness in the workplace, mindfulness in schools (for teachers), and practice in daily life to name just a few. 

The main meditation room will feature a new Unified Mindfulness technique each day and will run continuously from 9 AM to 9 PM Eastern. 

And just like in-person retreats, the breakout sessions will run concurrently with the main room, so you can participate in sessions that interest you, yet still maintain your momentum in the retreat.   
You're welcome to join us for the entire retreat for a fully immersive experience, or drop in and out of sessions as your schedule - and your interest - permits. 
It's completely up to you...and it's all 100% FREE!
"Mindfulness is an unreasonably effective way to increase human happiness."
- Shinzen Young
A Few Of Our Presenters Sharing Their Journeys...
Shinzen Young
Designer of the Unified Mindfulness System
Rick Hanson, Ph.D.
New York Times Best-Selling author, Psychologist and Senior Fellow of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley 
Susan Kaiser Greenland
Internationally Recognized Leader, Author & Expert in Mindfulness for Kids, Teens, & Parents. Founding Faculty Member of UCLA MARC Teacher Training program
James Valentine
Lead Guitarist of Multi Platinum, 3 time Grammy winning Band, Maroon 5 
Yanik Silver
Founder - Maverick1000, Conscious Business Leader, Constellation Board Member for Virgin United, Best-Selling Author
Judson Brewer, MD Ph.D.
Internationally Known Expert in Mindfulness for Addiction, Director of Research & Innovation at the Mindfulness Center at Brown University
Bill Duane
Well Being Expert, Engineering Executive and Organizational Consultant. Google's Original Superintendent of Well-Being and Sustainable Performance
Valerie Brown, JD, MA, PCC
International Retreat Leader, Writer, Speaker, Champion of Mindfulness in Schools and Principal of Lead Smart Coaching, for Mindful Leadership
Jeff Kirschenbaum
Partner in Roth/Kirschenbaum Films and Former Head of Production at Universal Pictures

Jon Berghoff
Co-Founder - Flourishing Leadership Institute, Facilitating High Purpose, Large Group Collaborations & Co-Founder - Best Year Ever [Blueprint] Live
David Creswell, Ph.D.
Stress Resilience Researcher, APA and APS Early Career Awards. Director of Health & Human Performance Lab, Dept of Psychology,
Carnegie Mellon University
Jeff Warren
New York Times Bestselling Author, Meditation Teacher & Founder - The Consciousness Explorers Club
David R. Vago, Ph.D.
Director - Contemplative Neuroscience and Integrative Medicine (CNIM) Lab, Osher Center, Vanderbilt Univiersity, Research Associate, Harvard Medical School, Fellow Mind & LIfe Institute
Polly Young-Eisendrath, Ph.D.
Renowned Author of 16 Books. Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of Vermont, Jungian Analyst, Psychologist, Teacher, Author & Presenter
Christian Stiller
Founder - Brightmind Meditation App
Hal Elrod
Multiple #1 Bestselling Author, Host of the "Achieve Your Goals" Podcast and Co-Founder - Best Year Ever [Blueprint] Live
Lili Haydn 
2019 Grammy® Award Winner, Violinist, Actress, Singer, Recording Artist and Film Composer
Peter Marks
Founder and Director - A Centre for Conscious Care. CEO, Director, Founder and/Or Consultant to @ 50 Human Services. Community Based Organizations
Christian Straka
Head of Global adidas® Runners Mindset Program
James Maskalyk, MD
Emergency Medicine Dr., International Best-Selling Author and award winning teacher at U of Toronto
Emily Lindsay, Ph.D.
Mindfulness Research Scientist - Psychology Department at University of Pittsburgh
Michael Taft
 Maverick Meditation Teacher, Best-Selling Author, Podcaster and Neuroscience Junkie
Jay Sanguinetti, Ph.D.
Leading Edge Researcher in novel forms of Brain Stimulation for well-being Including Infrared and Ultrasound. Directs the NICE Lab (Non-Invasive Cognitive Enhancement Lab) at U of NM
Paula England, Ph.D.
Member - National Academy of Sciences and Former President of the American Sociological Association. Silver Professor of Arts and Science, Professor of Sociology at NYU at New York University
Jeremy Hunter, Ph.D.
Mindful Leadership Expert, Founding Director - Executive Mind Leadership Institute, Associate Professor of Practice - Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Mgmt.
Patricia Moreno
Trailblazing founder of Intensati, spiritual fitness combining over 20 years expertise in movement with spiritual practices focused on generating positivity
John Kane
Director of Sales Development - Vector Marketing
Marcello Spinella, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology at Stockton University, Author, Expert in Neuropsychology and Positive Psychology for Addiction
Meg Salter
 Integral Master Coach™, Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, Mindfulness Coach & Author
Warner Wright
Songwriter, Producer, Chess Expert and Sunlun Temporary Monk & Teacher of the Method
Ann Buck
Meditation Teacher for Trudy Goodman, Insight LA and The Clare Foundation, Senior Shinzen Student, Spirit Rock Community Dharma Leader
Jon Vroman
Founder - Front Row Foundation and Front Row Dads, Award-Winning Speaker, Coach, #1 Best-Selling Author and Social Entrepreneur 
Maria Gonzalez (BCom, MBA)
President, Argonauta Strategic Alliances Consulting Inc., Strategic Mindfulness & Mindful Leadership Expert, Award Winning, Best-Selling Author
CPT Tom Nassif, Ph.D.
US Military Research Psychologist Focusing on Mindfulness Training. Deputy Branch Chief - Research Transition Office at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
Honorée Corder
Author of Over 21 Books, Strategic Book Coach, Speaker, International Chair of Business Forums and Founder - Empire Builders Mastermind
Scot Lowry
 Co-Founder - Flourishing Leadership Institute, Board Member of Promise Partners Entrepreneurship Incubator and The David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry
Shelly Young, MA, LPCC, LADC
Mindfulness Instructor, Professional Clinical and Alcohol & Drug Counselor 
Robert McClure
Mindfulness Instructor at UCLA MARC, Senior Educator for Stanford University CCARE, Clinical Social Worker and Manager for the Sharp Healthcare Employee Assistance Program 
Dr. Stella Marrie, PSY.D
Director of Continuing Education at Unified Mindfulness, Clinical Psychologist, Chair of the BA Program of Psychology at the Union Institute & University
Eagle Hilton
Facilities Manager at Vigor, Seattle and champion of mindfulness training for employees
Thomas Wirthlin McConkie
 Founder - Lower Lights School of Wisdom, Author, Public Speaker, Creator of Mindfulness + Podcast and Mindfulness Teacher
Ralph Steele
Author of Tending the Fire and founder and of Life Transition Institute,  Ralph's work as a Buddhist teacher has focused on diversity, youth, and end of life care
Choshin Blackburn
Director - Shinzen's in-person retreats and the HPP program
Janusz Welin
Senior Unified Mindfulness Teacher
Daron Larson
Senior Unified Mindfulness Teacher
Har-Prakash Khalsa
Senior Unified Mindfulness Teacher
Stephanie Nash
Senior Unified Mindfulness Teacher
Julianna Raye
Co-Founder -UnifiedMindfulness
Senior Unified Mindfulness Teacher
Meet Your Hosts
Julianna Raye
CEO & Head Trainer: Unified Mindfulness
Don McCormick
Director of Education: Unified Mindfulness
Chris Trani
Unified Mindfulness L2 Coach
Brent "Purple" Oliver
Unified Mindfulness L2 Coach
Immersion 2019 Is For You If...
  • You're brand new to meditation and you'd like to learn techniques that will help start a daily practice...and stay motivated to stick with it until it becomes a habit
  • You have an existing meditation practice in a different contemplative tradition and you'd like to experience how UM's precise, algorithmic approach can enhance your practice with numerous options by receiving clear instruction and feedback from top UM teachers
  • You've always wanted to participate in an in-person retreat, but time/money/family/work/distance has not made it possible for you yet
  • You're an educator and would like to learn ways to introduce mindfulness into your classroom
  • You're a business or personal development coach and you'd like to learn techniques you can share with your clients
  • You're an established Unified Mindfulness practitioner and you'd like to connect with the international UM community for 5 straight days in a virtual, live retreat. (No plane ticket required :-)
  • You're a scientist and you'd like to hear the latest developments by leading researchers
  • You're a mental health professional and you'd like to introduce mindfulness into your practice
  • You're a musician, artist, actor or performer and you'd like to learn how to take your creativity to exciting new heights
  • You're an athlete and you'd like to learn new skills to optimize your peak performance
  • You're ready to take a deep-dive into the Unified Mindfulness system and experience it for yourself
What Is Unified Mindfulness?
There are many ways to meditate, and no way is really better than another. What matters most is that you find techniques that work for you, motivate you, and support the outcomes you're hoping to achieve.

Unified Mindfulness is not a new form of meditation, but it is unique. The UM system has been carefully crafted with clear terminology to provide a very precise, thorough framework for meditating. This supports your ability to learn any meditation technique at all. It also helps you apply meditation to specific situations that are meaningful to you - like being more present with your kids, or managing your stress levels at work.  

UM's clear terminology empowers you to communicate about the experiences you have while meditating. This significantly reduces confusion and helps optimize your practice time by fostering clarity and making it easier to give and receive feedback - which ultimately makes it easier to practice and teach meditation, leading to better results. 

At its core, Unified Mindfulness helps you identify and develop 3 essential attention skills. UM "unifies" all meditation practices by showing how they all develop the same core skills. UM provides a universal language to describe those skills, methods of development, and shared meditative experiences across all traditions, worldwide.
While UM's precision makes it possible to pair specific techniques with your personal goals, its algorithmic approach to meditation has also attracted leading labs at institutions like Harvard, Carnegie Mellon and Vanderbilt, which rely on the Unified Mindfulness system for their research into the neurological, psychological and physiological effects of mindfulness practice.  

For the first time in history, science is beginning to understand how meditation practice affects the brain to ease suffering, enhance performance and improve the overall well-being and happiness for those who practice it regularly. We're honored to play a role in helping to connect the dots between modern science and the ancient wisdom of contemplative traditions.
Why is Immersion Free?
Hosting this first-of-its-kind online event and making it 100% free for everyone to participate is a way for us to acknowledge, celebrate and express our immense gratitude for the transformational work that's being done every day to share this life-changing practice with others.

So come join us April 10th - 14th and experience for yourself what's possible. 

In gratitude, 

The Unified Mindfulness Community
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